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Thread: Angela Bauer's Intro

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    Default Angela Bauer's Intro

    Diaperliz told me about ADISC. The way she described the quality of messages here, this seems to be a wonderful forum.

    To expand on my profile, here is a bit more about me:

    Even before I was born my extended family was diaper-friendly. My Mom Alice, her sister Aunt Betsy and their mother Granny Vi all had bladder incontinence. They believed this to be an inherited medical problem, a fact recently confirmed by urologists. I was born in 1964, with an older sister and brother. I was followed by a younger brother and 2 younger sisters. According to Mom I was toilet-trained by 33 months night and day without accidents at home or school. However, like all my sisters, my bladder was small and over-active.

    When Mom and Aunt Betsy were growing up with the same bladder problems Granny Vi had asked them to wear diapers on trips and for special events. Mom used the same method with us. She was always so loving and charming I do not remember any of us complaining. Sure until I was older than 8 I assumed every other kid I saw in a restaurant was also diapered. I was disappointed the time during a trip a girl smaller than me came into the ladies room alone while Mom was pinning me into a dry diaper. That girl used a toilet so fast she could not have been diapered. I was surprised and asked Mom, who said there are kids who do not get to wear diapers, still making me think I was a lucky girl because never did I have to ask the car be stopped for my potty break.

    History tells me Pampers hit the market in the early 1960s but as late as 1972 when my youngest sister Missy was 3 my family was anti-disposable. Mom bought classic gauze Curity 21x40" flat diapers by the case of 6 dozen. She would sew two of them together to make diapering easier for adults and older kids. Mom also knew by name the order ladies at Gerber's factory where she bought a lot of vinyl pants in various sizes. At the supermarket Mom would rush past the Pampers and other baby diaper display. All that changed during a long car trip when on the way back Missy got sick and her poop was runny. Mom was running out of clean cloth diapers, so she asked Dad to stop at a store. Mom bought the fist box of Pampers (no plastic bags then) Mom spoiled 2 Pampers before she figured out how to put one on Missy.

    For a few years Mom still ignored advances in disposables. Yet in 1981 when I was soon to leave home for my university dorm Mom suggested I should learn to put on and be comfortable in Attends disposables for adults. We had to drive to a medical store to by Atends Small since Medium were too big for me. It took me several tries and spoiled Attends before I could put them on avoiding leaks. It took me over a week before I could sleep well in Attends. At 12 when I reverted to bedwetting it only took me an hour to learn to pin on my own gauze diapers, but I had seen my older sister Alice do so hundreds of times.

    The good news was the campus general store carried Attends Small. My roommate Frances also wet her bed. She was also a first year pre-law but almost 19. She was only slightly taller than me and slender enough she also wore Attends Small and had brought her own waterproof sheet similar to mine. We are still good friends all these years later. Frances went to another law school, but I do not hold that against her.

    The summer I moved to my law school (1985) I lost the rest of my bladder control. That roommate did not wet but she never teased me. In fact nobody ever teased me about my diapers. Following my law school graduation in 1988 I served as a research law clerk for a Federal Appeals judge for the year I was flying all over taking bar exams. Once I was fully licensed I returned to Los Angeles, CA where I joined a large corporate law firm. Clearly they are not upset about my diapers since they promoted me to partner in 1993. These days I supervise over 70 attorneys and many staff members as director of litigation.

    By the time I was 26 I was fed up needing to plan around my diapers. Then I learned that adult babies want to wet so they get to wear diapers. Knowing this makes me happy.

    My reasoning is it is pointless for an incontinent person to hate or resent wearing diapers. That negative energy is a waste and drag. Giving in discreetly to my inner AB lets me have some fun in diapers and does not harm anyone else. I do not wear Onesies or suck pacifiers at my office, but at home some AB play helps me relax so I am rested the next day.

    Early in May 1991 at a party I met the widower of Jean Davis, who had been a famous AB woman when she was killed in an auto accident in March 1989. Don Davis turned out to be a kind mature man who was not intimidated that I was a young ambitious attorney because he had been a young ambitious executive in the movie business before he became very successful. Don and I fell in love. He digs me as an educated adult and when I need to relax Don is really good at playing Daddy, changing my diapers without complaining.

    When I am dressed as an adult I do find slip-in disposable pads or non-babyish Attends Breathable EA Small are more convenient and discreet than my pinned gauze diapers.

    Sorry if this was way long. Remember at work I am paid by the hour and page, so I do write long.

    Here is a portrait of me that is not AB and one of me as a cowgirl! Enjoy
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    Tl;DR. I dislike your last name. I like your ability to think critically. Welcome.

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    Sorry you dislike my maiden last name. There is very little I can do about this now. When I married Don I was not so well established as an attorney it would have been a huge problem to use his last name, except there already was a famous California lawyer named "Angela Davis" who had been involved in many radical causes while I was a teenager. My gut was that corporate law clients would prefer me as Angela Bauer. By the way within the ABDL world I have used my name since 1990. Maybe it would confuse folks if I changed it at this late date?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipsis View Post
    Tl;DR. I dislike your last name. I like your ability to think critically. Welcome.

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    Jesus Christ, this was the longest and possibly the most well thought out introduction I've ever seen...

    Excellent. Welcome to ADISC.

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    This greeting takes place between the times of 10:43pm and 10:44pm

    Hey welcome to Adisc! LOOOONG intro, but its great to see someone so well spoken.

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    I loved the intro. Most people leak their story slowly through several posts (At least that's what I did). You through it all out there right away, and I know I'm going to recognise your name in the forums. Welcome.

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    I hired an attorney once that stuttered. I would joke with him that it was really a billability tactic.

    Very nice introduction. I've seen you in other forums and look forward to exchanging thoughts here.

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    What a sophisticated introduction, angelabauer!

    Welcome to ADISC; I do hope that you enjoy your stay!

    - Asher

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