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Thread: does running out of diapers make you sad?

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    Default does running out of diapers make you sad?

    does running out of diapers make you sad? with me it does

    I haven't ran out yet, but I'm one left from doom xD

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    It only makes me a little sad, more so than running out of (x grocery). It's not a distressing sad but only one you feel for the thought of "now I gotta buy more and wait for them".

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    It hasn't happened to me in ages. The last time I got close, it was because they stopped selling the good Attends in stores and I didn't have an alternative store brand. This pushed me to finally order online, and my problems were solved. Up to that point, I stopped short of using my last few disposables and switched primarily to cloth. They don't really do it for me in the same way, so I was pretty irritated. It seemed cruel that they could discontinue a product that brought such satisfaction.

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    I never run out, as I have a sizeable reserve of cloth, but not having disposables is definitely inconvenient.

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    Generally when I run out, I just find a quick way to restock. And if I can't at the moment, I have my clothies to tide me over, so no worries ^^

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    Yes. That's why I've tried to run out this year and so far haven't. When I am getting low, I restock before i run out so that I can wear whenever I want and not have to worry about it.

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    As a general rule I don't because I get monthly shipments, but I used to try and get super-precise with my shipments, safe in the knowledge that at the very least I could get some Depends in the store to tie me over until my shipment gets here if it was late so as to save money.

    But they've been disappearing from store shelves at such an alarming rate that I don't do that anymore and just get more than enough every month.

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    It doesn't make me sad, necessarily. I'm cool with it for a few days and then my little side comes a-knocking. To the point where I'm dreaming about being in diapers again. And it nags and nags and nags till I say "F*** it fine," and go buy them. Luckily I'm in a situation where I can wear whatever I want because I have my own damn place and I'm out to everyone I live with and they really don't care at all, so the hold up is only ever financial and just general procrastination. But usually I go no longer than a couple of weeks with no padding.

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    It does make me a little sad, since I like them, but it's not a huge deal. Recently I've been restocking well in advance because new diapers I really want to try keep coming out, but I've previously used running out as an opportunity to take a break for a few days, which helps avoid diapers getting too boring.

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    That's funny because I have the exact same opposite reaction.

    When I find out I'm running out, I get excited because I will have to go and buy new ones. So, I'll check new diapers, maybe I'll buy an onesie as well, maybe indulge in buying brands I never tried and I will be waiting for the shipment like a kid waiting for Santa's arrival. Oh boy, how opening the new boxes of diapers makes it all worth it. It's like Christmas several times in a year.

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