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Thread: counting the sleeps

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    Cool counting the sleeps

    Hi everyone.

    Was just wondering if anyone else counts the sleeps until a day when you are going to do something.

    I think it a Little thing we do.

    At the moment I got 2 more sleep before I see Paddy (For those of you that don't know Paddy is my Dom.)

    And I got 5 more sleeps to LBL.

    Hee, hee

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    Counting sleeps are a good time system unless you take a lot of naps. Some days I take more or less naps so to count them like days would get confusing fast.

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    I had never heard it until my boss said it. she gets really excited to go see her bestie who is far away "5 more sleeps till I get to go see her!" it's actually really cute.


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    I never really thought about it being a little thing, but yeah I do count sleeps sometimes.

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