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    I just bought some of these "newer" Depends and boy, oh boy...I wish I could leave them a review because it was a waste of money. Two tabs that barely stay put are not enough. They "popped" off even when I didn't move, till they lost ALL of their glue.

    Diaper kept slipping off over and over. Then, they could only hold urine ONCE. I felt like if I went again, they'd spill over. Not fluffy or super comfy at all. Only thing I liked about them was that they had a nice smell. That's it. I feel so disappointed.

    This is the second diaper I have ever worn that has disappointed me. The others are from ebay and they were a lot worse.

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    Whats the name of them so I can make a note to avoid them.

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    Duct tape and booster pad these up so they aren't a total waste of money.

    Sorry to hear as well, i also hate being disappointed like that.

    Can't say it often enough, ABDL Diapers are the only way to go, dump the junky medical brands.

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    Store diapers like these see like they are meant mostly with people who leak in mind, rather than total wettings that we know and love. It's as though they don't think incontinence happens to the young, or they simply just don't care about the product they make.

    As Argent said, the only way to know you're getting a good diaper is to buy online and get diapers for the fetish community. While the medical brand I bought was... a decent start, you never know how they'll perform.

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    I got a package of assurance brand they improved them not.
    They took out the extra wing part made it like your wearing a kotex pad with some Velcro belt things so thin in middle they leak if you dribble a little .
    Even as stuffers not so good.

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    Look for Mesical Supply Stores in lieu of pharmacies. It's a little on the pricier side but, honestly, when it comes to padding, you get what you pay for. And MedSupply staff are super professional and non judge because they see all the medical issues, they don't think twice about you buying a pack of Moli's. And I understand not everyone has access and if that's your situation and it's just not an option, go for the off brand ones. Anything but depends ugh lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddedbossman View Post
    Whats the name of them so I can make a note to avoid them.
    Can you see this link? Pretty much any with 2 tabs with this Depends brand

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    A got some of the plastic Depends with tabs when I was at a thrift shop a few days ago.
    I found that rubbing the tabs in hard helps them stick with movements. Lightly sticking them to where I wanted them didn't do the justice of keeping it in place.

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