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    Default Baby perfume.....

    Do any of you use baby sprays perfumes to scent your baby clothes or surroundings? i use one i get off ebay that leaves everything smelling like talcum powder and is so gorgeous and lasts...just wondered if i am the only one that does it? xxxx

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    I don't use perfume, but I do enjoy using actual baby powder for the scent <3
    My favorite place to put it is under my mattress and along doorways and windows. If anyone asks, it kills fleas (which it does!)

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    you would love the scent as it is like baby powder but you only need a tiny bit and it really makes the room smell lovely or a bit on your clothes .. i used to try everything but found this is so lovely....they even do one for dogs after bathing so i put some on my chi then when she runs around she fills the room too hee hee xxxx

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