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Thread: Do You Change Your Self

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    Default Do You Change Your Self

    One thing my mom might stay when ill tell her want to wear diapers is she not going to change me. So ill have to do that my self Do you guys have someone change you are do you do it on ur own?

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    I have to, even if my dad knew he hated changing diapers so no chance there, maybe one day, we might get somebody to change us.

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    sometimes i wish all of us lived close as id change everyones diapers for them....upsets me when i see how much some of you would love this doing but have nobody to do it for you. i just put my own on but thats personal choice as i only wear for bed and as a comfort thing and i dont have anyone myself to do it but i prefer it that way as i am rather shy about myself in that respect even though i dont mind doing others xxx

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    I do almost all of my changes myself, with the exception of my change before bed

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    I change myself I wouldn't mind having someone else change me from time to time

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    I wouldn't want anyone changing me unless they like diapers or are my girlfriend.

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    I'd love to have someone change me but my list of people is... basically none existent. But at this point someone changing me might be more awkward than enjoyable.

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    I have to do it all my myself. But I think it is better. Becouse of trust.

    Letting someone else chance you putting your trust with somebody else and letting them clean you up and diaper you.

    And that can go to ways. Done right and you are in little space for hours afterwards becouse you know you are safe around this person.

    But if the person that is changing you is mean about it. Then you fill really bad about it and that horrible.

    So if you do find some one that you think you can trust to change you, talk it through with them first.

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    I only change myself.
    Would like to be changed but I'm pretty shy so I'd likely be too nervous to enjoy it.

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