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    Exclamation need help

    so I have a very special teddy bear and I got another one and I ont more but I don't want it to be like where I show the others love but then my special one thinks that I don't love im as much or replaced or sad please help

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    have a little tea party for your special teddy to welcome all the new ones you get and tell him that they are not going to ever be as special as him but he needs some teddy friends xxxx

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    That's cute, I feel guilty when I sleep with one teddy more than another, just make sure you give them all equal attention and cuddles.

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    should I just have the others as teddies and that one as my special one
    he's called billy I have had him since I was 2 and I sleep with him every night and ive had only him for so long I don't know how to cope with it

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    you can still love them all but maybe save Billy for the bedtime cuddles so he is always your special one and just play with the others throughout the day xxx

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    Hopefully you'll get as lucky as I have been with all seven of mine. They seemed to have worked all of this out, but of course, they all have their own personalities. I always sleep with my big teddy bear because I can wrap my arms around him while sleeping. Moose Type A is very dominant and can be somewhat abusive, but the others try to keep him directed toward certain nighttime activities, like flying into my wife. Moose Type B sometimes participates as well.

    Fluppy the dog is very docile and kind as is Pockets, another dog. He's helpful in that he holds the clicker to the surround speaker. Harry the Bunny is also a gentle soul and he sleeps by my head, so he's satisfied with that. Both Mooses protect the bottom end of the bed and they feel useful doing that. You just have to delegate responsibilities to your friends.

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