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Thread: Guitar Hero 3 song challenge.

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    Default Guitar Hero 3 song challenge.

    I've never played this game, well, except the demo, and I hear that "Through the fire and the flames" by Dragonforce is on there, and is reputed to be impossible to get 100% on Expert. So who thinks they can do it? 'cause I know it can be done.

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    Yes that song is on there. Watching my sister play that on expert was funny.

    She only lasted 2 seconds. XD

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    :/ I don't have it, too expensive and I hate multi-platform games. PS3, 360 and Wii don't blend well.

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    I watched two of my friends play that on expert. They just kept pressing random bottons and they got 39% accuracy lol

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    I've got guitar hero 3, i can beat it on hard! (Not 100%) but not on expert.

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    Impossible no extremely hard yes thats why the inhuman achievement is named as such

    heres a video of a guy beating it on expert 100%

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    The video i posted wasn't done with a bot my firend can get like 96% on expert so i do believeit is possible.

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    I don't believe it was real. Hence the 2-star rating on the YouTube page. Whatever.

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    I believe it shall be done. The developers created a hard scenario, but it can be done. Someone's gonna do it someday.

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