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Thread: Watching Stuff I Uused To watch When i was kid

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    Default Watching Stuff I Uused To watch When i was kid

    Barney i used to watch this alot
    Now watching pee-wee play house
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    Cool, I watch Arthur, rugrats, Simpsons, Tweenies, horrid Henry and a few others that I enjoyed

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    Rugrats has been around longer than most people think. I remember watching it at 4years old, that was 28 years ago.

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    im a little older but love going on youtube and watching the magic roundabout trumpton bagpuss playschool all my fave childhood programmes. later i loved barney and sesame street and know all the songs lol xxx

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    Blues Clues is always great to watch every now and then <3
    Though I've found lots of admiration for more recent shows as well, like Bubble Guppies!!

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    My tastes are kind of tweeny more than babyish. I could see myself rewatching old cartoons, but there are so many cool shows out right now that I watch them instead.

    Some old shows have really stood the test of time, and I wouldn't mind watching them again. Rugrats, Arthur, The Magic School Bus, Gargoyles, Hey Arnold - all good shows. I would also like to revisit Recess which I was "too old" for when it came out. Golden Age Disney was way before my time, but is also something I grew up with, and as a life long animation fan have only grown to appreciate more.

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    I'm 40 and live in the UK so sometimes I watch Pigeon Street and Jimbo the Jet Set on YouTube. I also have Morph on Dvd.

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