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    with all the adult baby diapers around....i wonder how hard it is to have a business of making your own diaper. like do you get contracts from china??? its seems brands like forsite, bambino, abu, crinklz, seems its all from a chinese supplier with similar designs. any thoughts?

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    Very hard. If you want to source from China you will need an agent to work through, design brief and loads of cash.

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    I am double incontinent and use top notch adult briefs - lille tena abena etc. I love the way Seni quatro looks and the way that seni plus looks. However if I had to be in one diaper brand for night and day from here on out, I would choose the comficare 24/7. They hold so much and mold to your body and it's like I'm not wearing them.

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    There's enough in our Market now, however non abdl incontinent folks don't have a popular option.

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    Yes several brand do outsource their product. Although not all like crinklz, They said they are made in EU. Yes technically you can. In fact if you go to alibaba (For those who do not know. It's e-commerce site for Chinese companies selling their product in bulk. Even a whole car factory.

    But they need minimum order and I'm not sure how easy it is to communicate with them unless you speak Chinese. From what I read some company is professional enough and some.. well.... But one thing people must remember is that somehow the state of factories in china is confusing. So let's say the company that makes ABU sold their machinery to other smaller company and then they sell the same product but with various quality and price.

    For outside of China. I have no idea. Maybe some country has diaper manufacturing facility and theoretically you could make special order. But I don't know how it works and how viable is that. I'm not sure on European diaper too. Like I know Fabine made their product in Germany and Crinklz somewhere in EU. But either they purchase machinery (Unlikely unless you have customer base outside abdl) or they make agreement with factory.

    For me the market is too saturated now. Even North America and Europe market. Not to mention some stores that sells both continent product. Unless you came up with new feature, price (or for me cheap international shipping). It would be hard to compete now. But that's my thought. I will always support new player in the business.

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