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Thread: What am i actually?

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    Default What am i actually?

    Ok i came on here as a DL caretaker but i like everything and i am confused as to what i am labelled as really? I am a woman but love to dress up in baby clothes and wear a diaper but i also love to be momma to sissy AB too....but i also love to dress and play as baby with my sissy babies also.......then i have another side that likes to dom and dress in pvc so i am totally confused as to what i actually am when i see posts on here everyone seems to have one particular thing but i love doing all things from being totally baby to dominating and going the total opposite of being baby yet i go to bed as i im starting to think im kinda lost and im 48 years old so bit of a time to start wondering lol xxx

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    I'm not sure, but I think some on this site would call you a switch in that sometimes you enjoy being the caretaker, and sometimes being the baby who is taken care of. A number of members do that, so I wouldn't feel like you were terribly unusual.

    I think that in general, we on this site, tend to be complicated people. Regressing, wearing and using diapers and enjoying baby objects puts us into a very small segment of society. But what we do is harmless. For whatever reason, we're wired to do what we do, whether it's regressing or taking care of someone who regresses. As long as you're comfortable with either role, embrace it and enjoy it. At least we can do something harmless that can also give extreme pleasure. No wonder we're the wizards and everyone else are muggles!

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    It's common, some of us here are sometimes erratic in doing regression, we feel that we are caretakers, but we also feel that we enjoy all baby things and certainly will interested in it. You don't need to confused about who you are, while you enjoy to be both and don't harm others, it's not problem. Indeed between the Caretaker and the Adult Baby have a strong relation, for sometimes feel to care for others who's in regression but behind it, there are desire to enjoy the regression like them because of the reciprocal influence between the regression itself, doesn't matter whether you're adult baby or caretaker that's all scope of ABDLism.

    Sorry for annoying grammar.

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    I would say that you are a good fit as a partner. You cover a bit of everything so that things do not get stale. As long as the two of you are both happy you should not worry about what you do or dress as.

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    From what you've described, the AB, DL, and Caretaker indications you have of your profile seems accurate. That generally applies to me as well, although I don't currently seek caretaking for its own sake but more as something to do for some of the friends I have deep feelings for. Your dom inclinations exist independently from ABDL but presumably can compliment it as well. PVC isn't necessarily relevant to ABDL (unless you like baby stuff made from that) but who cares? There's no need to limit yourself. I hope you'll be able to get satisfaction in all those important areas.

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    Thankyou so much..i dont feel so unusual now....i dont actually have a partner ..i was surpressed for many years by the one i was with and had to stop the regression and so decided to split but i am now in touch with one of my past ABs that i cared for so deeply and its all come back to me again and im gradually starting to regress again and get back to the real me that i had lost for so AB tends to be sub as well as AB and used to like the dom side as well as being a baby which is why i started to do it and really enjoyed it but it had me confused as to what i am if i am doing so many different things. I love the comfort of regression but also love the dom side as it gives me control which i suppose ive never had in my life as always had controlling partners but controlling in teh fact that i couldnt be what i wanted to be if that makes any sense xxxx

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    Default What you are

    From my personal perspective, you are best of all possible combinations. Perfect balance that should make any D/L a happy partner. Both caring and being cared for... Isn't that the ultimate definition of love? Having the many wonderful facets you described offers so much on so many levels. Besides, variety is the spice of life. I hope you find someone to share mutual desires and happiness and complete fulfillment.

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    Thankyou sweetheart...i suppose it is ..ive never really looked at it that way..ive never been attracted really to guys that arent sissy or DL prob why i made the wrong choice with my last partner and am now regretting it as we had nothing in common at all really looking back. I do love one of my ABs i used to share all this with but wether that will ever materialise as a relationship i dont know or is it bad to actually fall for one of your ABs.....i am so confused at the moment as to wether i should have just left that in the past as it was but the feelings i had for him/her have never gone away and probably never will xxx

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    I think you sound more well rounded than confusing.

    Not nice to have a repressive relationship.

    Keep being yourself on whatever aspect suits you at the time and know you are respected and accepted here.

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    thankyou sweetheart means alot to me it was my fault really i entereed into it..chose the wrong person at the time ..well i didnt know the other person really wanted me to be honest but had i known things would have been so different now....alot of regrets. But at least i am out of it now and doing what i love best and things can only get better from now on...xxxxxxxxxx

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