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Thread: Stopping leakage.

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    Default Stopping leakage.

    im not sure if alot of you know about this but most probably do but i was surprised to find some of my DL friends didnt but before you put on the disposable diapers you should fold them long ways in half to release the side bits that run down the nappy that stop leakage from the actual nappy. I know alot just put on diapers without doing this then wonder why they cant stop leaking so just incase some of you didnt know thats what you do hugs xxxxx

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    I knew about this but I went a long time not knowing about it.

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    alot do i was surprised..also if at night you put the bottom tape at an angle downwards rather than straight it helps too..xxxx

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    I found out about that on a video here:

    I had issues using disposables since I grew up in the cloth diaper age. The video cleared up a few things for me. With cloth diapers it seems if you add more layers you reduce leakage provided you are using the correct pants over them.

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