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    Saw this come up on my facebook tonight :p


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    its a bit big to push though lol!! personally..i have an older disabled child and the mobility larger sized strollers are more adequate and can be pushed with an adult in .they are big enough though so need a large house to manoevre them around as very long lol ....i had a three wheeler i bought and it was around 400 uk pounds which for adult size is a bargain so keep a look out on the mobility sites for one if you are looking for one hun as work out so much cheaper xxxxx

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    Well this will never be marketed and it is really unrealistic. one that fits and adult fine but with the exact same proportions as a baby stroller not so much. The strollers that are made for children who have disabilities is a much better choice.

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    keep in mind the weight of the baby too, those 16 and 18 inch ones are not cheap and can cost what a used car costs to find one since the disabled tend to be lighter than us able bodied babies, so some rather wide chairs may not work for weight limits.

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    I think this will only bother for those who drive the stroller and was not proportional for those who ride it.

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    Pretty sure adult strollers are designed for people who are very disabled and can't walk or move on their own.

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    yes and no some of the "lightweight" ones in larger sizes have some pretty heavy weights like 250 lbs or so and some do not, like 130 lbs and have plastic parts in spaces that well, i'd not want to be the 250 lb kid in the 130 lb stroller I did find a old wheelchair i gutted almost all of it for this awesome metal seating base that may let me build the pushchair i wanted since it gave me 80 percent of the parts i needed for 20 dollars at a garage sale! I just need a base now for it thats not an office chair this had the neat arcylic tray, footrests with the straps that are so common on these and a awesome steel seating base that i cringe thinking what i would pay for on ebay. it was a 16 inch base and was highly adaptable to me, what a nice find

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