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Thread: Reminder for all: Discord server

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    Default Reminder for all: Discord server

    Just as a reminder to all members, we have a discord chat server running. There's usually at least a few members in it around the clock and more at other times.

    I'm usually on pretty much 24/7 with a few naps here and there.

    I promise we don't bite. (No promises that someone might not leak though.)

    There is voice chat for it as well in our chat group, but as a separate channel if you're interested in voice chat.

    There is a PC program, web chat and mobile app for Discord chat, so you're covered in all areas. I've used all 3 and they all work quite well.

    Come in and join us. We have Cake, Cookies, Ice Cream, Lollipops, Hot Dogs, Pizza and dare I say Fruits and Veggies, and more

    Anyway, come and give it a chat and lets all have fun

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    I endorse this messages. I found the new Discord app is easy to use and much better than mIRC based that we used to use.

    It amaze me the people there. Not just for chat but also talk too. You will never know what will you encounter there.

    Oh I want to say that the topic there is incredible. Not only about abdl lifestyle but also daily stuff, stories, tips and trick (I learn about 3D Printer a lot today) and general rant :P

    And yeah come on down join we are all waiting stay dry everyone!!

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    I'll absolutely try to get on it a bit more regularly. I'm glad to see it's gaining a devoted following. Discord is lovely. ♥

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    Everytime I hear about this new discord chat server, I think of my little pony. Gotta check up on it later

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    I just downloaded the app

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