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Thread: Hiyas! It's Prav!

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    Default Hiyas! It's Prav!

    Hi! I came here because I saw it on my daddyfur's webcam, Latias. Anyways, I'm a babyfur kitty, hullo :3 My fursona is a black, short-haired cat with green eyes, and uh, two tails.

    My real name is David, I was into diapers since I can remember, but only recently found a community online in the last two years. That's when I became a babyfur!

    I am currently starting up a business selling incense, candles, and other supplies, I've always been interested in business, it's fun to me, and I just want to be financially independent, not wanting to have to work for anyone.

    I'm also bisexual leaning towards gay, and I'm already taken, sorry! By the person I love the most :3 His name is Kilion and he's also a babyfur wolf. I don't think he is on here.

    Anyways, that's me!
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    Kilion's a wolf, hun *giggles*

    welcome to adisc ^^

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    *scratches chin* Killion you say? (Why does that name sound familier?)

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC! Glad to have another addition to our furry community. I'm not a fur, but I do like the fandom. When I have the cash I'm thinking about getting a badge done. Congrats on starting your own business, thats always fun. I print shirts for friends and locals. Do you use Photoshop?


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    *giggles* You joined for the EXACT same reason I joined bro! *snuggles* welcome to the forum ^^

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    I'm pritty sure Killion does go here on the terms that he is on my friends list. He wanted to be in a roll play that was for humans and the host didn't want any furries, so I joined with him as my wolfish looking puppy. It was fun.

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    Holly hell, Are you guys just joining to spy on me??

    Welcome Brother in law :P

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