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    Default All That - Bradley: The Big Ol' Baby

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    I guess that's from "You can do that on TV"? I used to watch that show with my kids, and I always enjoyed it.

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    I thought it was stupid, it's not really funny until he burped! It made me feel like a freak and overgrown! It's the not the best video to show, try Arthur: bedwetting episode with Jenna, that makes diapers feel normal and part of you normal, you mentioned you have autism as well, watch Arthur: Asperger's syndrome (George meets Carl), it makes sense of Asperger's for you, it makes sense to me and is informative and entertaining at the same time as its a cartoon.

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    I think this series is not funny at all and also not popular here, no offense i'm not saying your post is not good but if you want to post a video about the reality of ABDL, is better if you post something positive and motivated about ABDL lifestyle itself, such as video of someone who had get wet and why he had to wear diapers and feelings to be baby, not a comedy video series that laugh at our life. This is an insult not entertainment. Again don't be offended this is just my opinion.


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    I honestly thought when I first saw this sketch while watching 90's Are All That same for "Pamper Me Put Me In Diapers" from The Vacant Lot. Are the writers aware of ABDL or it's just mere coincidence and had no clue at all

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    all that is funny show but this sketch is not that funny

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    mmmmm i didnt find that funny sorry....felt a bit uneasy watching it to be honest fake...ok i know its probably meant to be but really?? and she irritated me

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    Default was pretty much exactly what I expected. Yeah, it's stupid, but harmless. I'm honestly surprised to see people say that they thought of this as ABDL representation and offended by it. Trust me. The people who wrote this sketch most likely had no idea that we exist at all, nor does a sketch from a kids comedy show from over 20 years ago have anything to say about ABDLs. There's no reason to be offended by this sketch.

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