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    I didn't think that ordering diapers would excite me, but this time, it is. Last night, I ordered a sample pack of ABU simples. As thick as they are supposed to be, I AM excited. And what you guys say about their customer service, I hope my budget allows me to order more.

    And today, I'm 3 depends adjustable protection, with a pair of lines plastic pants.

    Stay padded, my friends,

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    Haha niicee I haven't got that feeling a while after blowing my saving on ABUs and several others. I never actually ordered from them but I thought the new ABU really took care of their new customers.

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    I just did a diaper order to, 1 case of ABU space (never had them yet) and 1 case of tykables overnights (they are the perfect daytime diaper)
    A thing to note is the communication difference between the two companies, Abu is awesome, emails right away confirming the order, then the shipping info with tracking # a few hrs later, perfectly fine, tykables on the other hand just a confirmation order and nothing else, I'm not worried about them because I'm in the 1 day shipping area so I should get my case on Monday, but a little info goes along way, they did this the last time to...oh well not everyone could be a smooth well oiled machine like ABU.

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