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    I'm sure this has been asked before but what does everyone do to prevent rashes or breakouts?

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    Lots of sudocreme and resisting the temptation to scratch that itch.

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    I use Blue Star Ointment. No rashes since I started using it several years ago.

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    My skin is all the tough side so what I do is to not keep a wet diaper on too long and allow the area to air dry for awhile between diaper changes.

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    I use pure corn starch baby powder and maximum strength Boudreaux's butt past diaper rash ointment its really good for healing and preventing rashes because it heals on contact and seals out the moisture

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    So I'm going to give a lengthy response as I have been wearing 24/7 for over 5 years.

    Tight fitting diapers and friction can contribute to diaper rash. Fungal infections (candida) may also be present these pose other problems.

    Biggest concern is keeping the diaper area clean and dry. If you rather enjoy the feeling of prolonged stays in a wet diaper (as I do) this may be problematic.

    As I am also always about getting the most for my money, I suggest that you accumulate your diaper rash ointments etc. in the most cost effective way.

    I always go to a grocery store clearance rack to search for markdowns of diapering products. Discounts are typically 50% and can be up to 75%. If they are brand name products (Desitin, Johnson and Johnson, A&D, etc.) Coupons can usually be applied.

    Generic or store brands are readily available - you only need to compare active ingredients at significant savings. Alway check unit prices. In most cases buying a 16 oz. tub/jar of a product will save you more money than purchasing eight 2 oz tubes.

    Talcum Powder (Baby Powder) - usually try to use a corn starch based product. But with either corn starch or talc use cautiion, breathing in the powder into your lungs can have serious adverse health effects.

    Step 1: Get clean and dry. Wash the diaper area. If in the shower or bath I use a liquid colodial oatmeal soap. (J&J, Aveno, Store brand) followed by a wash with a tea tree castile soap (Dr. Bonner's, Desert Essence, etc). Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry. Stay undiapered and unclothed for as long as possible.

    Step 2: Antacid (liquid mylanta or equivilent can be applied ezternally to the rash with a cotton ball to neutralize acid ph. If a Candida fungal infection is suspected use anti-fungal cream (over the counter containing nystatin, miconazale clotrimazole and ketaconazole)

    Step 3: Creams and jellies. I mix my own concoction 1/2 Vaseline or Aquaphor to 1/8 Boudreaux's, 1/4 Desitin, 1/8 A&D.

    Step 4: In severe cases make an oatmeal bath ( Very inexpensive) by blending 1-2 cups of oatmeal in a blender until fine as flour and add to your bath stir well - soak for at least 10 minutes a session. (Aveno makes an outmeal bath soak that cost $2 -$3 per packet, so your savings with a slight bit of work is significant).

    I have been using these proctices for over 5 years and have very few significant rash incidents.
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    I use medline remedy dimethicone barrier cream sometimes.

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