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    Both of my parents already know about me being a DL, and let's just say they don't like it all that much. I told my mom maybe 6 months ago, and she sees it as some sort of disease and wants to sign me up for some camp to get rid of my DL side. My dad is even worse; ever since he found out (I never planned on telling him) he's pretty much done his best to avoid me as much as possible. It's pretty clear that he has no interest in communicating with me or having a relationship anymore. As much as I have embraced myself over the years, I have really come into a dead end with being a DL. At this point, I'm ready to call it quits. It really bothers me how much this has affected my parents, and I feel like the best thing to do in this scenario is to stop using diapers. I really don't want to, though, because they've sort of become a coping mechanism in stressful situations; they really help me get my mind off of whatever is bothering me. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I can't be the only one that has been in this situation, and any tips or suggestions would be very, very appreciated.

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    I have to wonder, have you expressed this sort of thing to your parents at all?

    Tell them that you never wanted your kinks/interests to affect your relationship with them and let them know you would be absolutely willing to give them up to maintain your relationship with them. Let them know that they matter more than this. That's honestly probably what they want to hear more than anything else. That this isn't a problem. I just don't think relationships like this really require you to make that kinda drastic change when a sort of middle ground option still feels available to you. Convincing them that they have no reason to be concerned.

    Because at least with your mother that's where I hope they are coming from, a place of concern, and I feel like simply being able to hear you say that this wouldn't be worth sacrificing your personal relationships for would go a long way to easing their minds.

    If simply the gesture that you would be willing to give them up isn't enough. Well, I'm not usually the one to advocate a lie.. but what would a lie hurt in this case? They don't have to be involved in your DL lifestyle. They don't need to know you haven't given it up. They just need to know it's not going to be a problem. You and I might know this thing isn't a problem, but if they are adamant that being interested in this stuff is a problem no matter what.. they honestly don't need to know you're interested it anymore. Even if you are still in your private life.

    You might still be living with them? If so then obviously that would mean no more indulging until you all weren't so close to each other all the time. I honestly hope not with the scenario you described. But if you don't then it should be even easier to actively avoid including them in your DL lifestyle even by accident.

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    Since getting rid of or ignoring the desire to wear diapers tends not to go anywhere--anywhere good, that is!--I guess my second thought would be: Are you sure this isn't a case of mistaken identity? Might your parents be blaming other issues on your diaper habit? I ask because, if you're going to devote tremendous effort to "fixing" something, you should make sure you're going after the right something. If there are issues with school, issues with employment, issues with relationships, issues with... well... other things that you parents might expect you to have all sorted out by now... and then they find out that you're wearing diapers... It's probably not all that surprising that they'd be upset, even if the diaper habit and those other things are, in reality, totally unrelated.

    Just saying.

    I obviously don't know you, and I certainly mean no offense. But, for the most part, I would expect parents of an adult child to quickly get over most quirks when all else is well.

    And hopefully your point in telling them about it wasn't so that they'd be ok with your openly wearing around the house. And hopefully the telling didn't come paired with a request that they buy you diapers or anything like that. Because, really, no parent is going to be all that eager to hear about how their son gets off. It's kind of a private thing. And if they perceive that you're being loose-lipped with private things or have unreasonable expectations of their level of involvement in this kind of thing, well... That could also be a source of grief. The diaper thing really should be private.
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    I guess I was lucky when I got caught by my parents in that my bedroom was in the attic of their house. I could retreat upstairs and try to avoid the angst and all the embarrassment they put on me. I also was still in college with a few more weeks to go, so I stopped coming home for the weekends until school ended.

    If it makes you feel better, my mom sent me to a psychiatrist. They weren't supportive at all!

    I see that you are 19 years old. Are you going to college, or just living at home? If so, do you have a job? My solution was to get a job. It took me to another state, so I was free to do what I wanted. As Cottontail suggested, I simply lied to my mom and said the psychiatrist turned me away from wanting to wear diapers. There were other, more serious things involved, like having a psychotic break, but I faked my way through that as well.

    Living with parents can be tough when one gets older, so hang in there until you can live on your own. In many cases, that's the only solution.

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    It seems in this case your parents try to change you because they already know the consequences in your future life. Could be your parents are too orientated with your future, so that they didn't want you to fail into things they might think that's not support you later on. As long as you become a DL is there are something bad happened so you try to fix it? If there are misconceptions that you need to explain about your DL side to your parents, about your feelings in diapers, why you have desire to wear that.

    But you must remember about DL side is privacy thing, I don't know why you tell your parents about the truth of your DL side, whether being caught or you are open-minded with your parents, "speaks" is not trivial to explain the identity of yourself to them, you must have enough knowledge to do that. But because they already know it, then you must think about yourself more and understand your parents, fixing yourself is not easy, there needs a great effort and strong determination to do that, so if you want to change you have mind to ask yourself, "can I would let go all of my DL side away or remains to retaining it", just focus.

    Sorry for annoying grammar.
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    All these post have very good advice, I'm going to add one thing, while you travel down this rocky road every once in a while look in a mirror and smile at yourself, it's important to love yourself and support your self.

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    I think it's your lack of communication about it that makes it this way as well. I don't know what they think about it, you may not as well.

    Maybe you should sit down with your mother. Talk to her, I'm not telling you to explain to a T what it is, but how this doesn't affect your life. How it won't affect your future, and that it's a simple kink. You were the same person before, and the same person today. Tell them that you don't want this to reflect on your relationship with them. Act on that as well.

    You've made the mistake by telling them. Involving your parents in your fetish is unnecessary and should've been kept to yourself. You can provide them with an article to read if you think they misunderstand it if you can't make the words yourself.

    You should explain to her why you wanted to tell her about it. Apologize and admit it was a mistake that should've kept to yourself. Ask them if we could move on from it.

    If it remains toxic, then it's time to give them a break. Let them mull it over, get over the initial shock. Let the waters calm.

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