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Thread: Stupid requirements for jobs.

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    Default Stupid requirements for jobs.

    I've been searching for an IT related job, mostly entry level jobs, like a junior java developer, or a web developer though networking and security is my area.

    But, I've come to realize that a lot of jobs required screwed up requirements, I came across a web development job offering, to see that you need 5+ even 10-15 years experience, not only that, but a computer science degree, the literal what.

    I don't think they realize how stupid that is, a computer science degree, to do a entry level javascript position, this is making me more depressed by the day.

    So, I decided to look at something even more basic, customer support, (telephone support) to come across the same, 5+ years experience, and a degree can't remember the specifics.

    Or, the job requires a security clearance, police check, or a drivers licence. I'm going to lose it, this is insane.

    I swear they do this to single out people, or people new to the work force, I might just skip finishing my cert 3, and just do a preparation uni course. I'll have more luck getting a job with a degree by the looks of it.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the next 10 years.

    Horse rider, must have 20 years experience in the mines.
    Must know have a degree in horse riding.

    School Bus Driver.
    Must have forklift licence.
    Must have a teaching degree.
    15 years experience.

    Taxi Driver.
    Must have a degree in mathematics.
    Must have a background in auto repairs.

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    My favorite I've been running into lately: Entry level position, must have 3 years office experience


    Also lol @ degree in horse riding. Since I've just made fun of that someone is going to tell me that's a real thing though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acan View Post
    My favorite I've been running into lately: Entry level position, must have 3 years office experience


    Also lol @ degree in horse riding. Since I've just made fun of that someone is going to tell me that's a real thing though.
    Yeah, most jobs I apply for are exactly like that, entry level job, 10+ years experience, degrees in X.


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    Yeah and I'm always wondering do they want me to serve coffee for three years in the lobby before they let me write code? The whole thing is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acan View Post
    Yeah and I'm always wondering do they want me to serve coffee for three years in the lobby before they let me write code? The whole thing is ridiculous.
    Oh, or when they are like, you must have 10+ years in experience in "product"

    "product" is only 5 years old, so it's not even possible

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    There are a number of companies out there who do this sort of thing without really thinking about what they're putting together for requirements. They want a college degree for the most basic of positions, with the idea that somehow requiring a certain degree for these positions will give them the best qualified candidate. What's bad about it if they find someone who meets the requirements and hire them, in six months they end up having to hire someone else; the great resume they got and hired just got hired away by another company because this person now has some experience.

    Yes, there are companies out there with ridiculous expectations of what they want to hire. Those that have realistic expectations don't have job listings as often or listings that last long. So the ridiculous requirements are hung out there the most and the longest.

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    Years of experience isn't just about the ability to complete some task because most jobs are more then that.

    Someone with 5 years experience doesn't just have 5 years experience writing software, they have 5 years experience working in the software industry.. which means they can probably deal with all the non-technical soft skills associated with that (working with others, organizing their time, etc..). Most companies I've worked at prefer to vet entry level positions through co-op programs with universities. They get a bunch of co-ops, get a feel for them, then offer some of them jobs. Probably not what you want to hear, but cold applying for an entry level position is gonna be brutal. Most companies don't want to be your first job.

    As to the requirements on the job posting not matching with reality, HR is usually quite divorced from the actual technical side. They are more a hoop you have to get past before you get interviewed by someone more knowledgeable in the actual position. I've interviewed for a few things that turned out to be radically different than the posted description.. sometimes minor stuff like different tools, sometimes the entire role is different (they asked for a software architect but what they really wanted was a systems engineer).

    Best advice though, actually physically go into places to apply. Most decent companies will have someone from HR come talk to you, and it makes a much better impression than sending yet another resume to their overstuffed inbox.

    As to the degree requirement, again, it's the same as the time requirement. It's not about whether they can code, it's about the fact that they managed to graduate from a university, which means they can probably handle some basic personal management skills, and while not a guarantee by any means at least mitigates the risk of them turning out to be a complete flake.

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    Adding to what BoundCoder and AnalogRTO said: There's also a rather large supply-and-demand element here. As technology has become more and more accessible, so too has technology experience become more prevalent. There are lots of self-taught software developers nowadays. And that does raise the bar, for better or worse. Recruiting activities are very expensive, and so it's inevitable that qualifications evolve not simply to keep pace with the scope of the work, but also to reduce the stream of qualified applicants to a manageable level. From the candidate's perspective, this can seem rather evil, but to put things into perspective: I was a software engineering manager at a large company for 16 years. The man-hours devoted to a single interview cost my team about $3000. So, needless to say, we had to apply some rather brutal (from a prospective applicant's perspective) heuristic cuts long before we ever talked to a person. It was the only responsible thing to do.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the same thing applies in higher education. You might think that raw smarts would make you a great candidate for (pick a major). But the reality is that, in many fields of study, the course load comes on so hard and so fast that if you're not already self-taught to an extent, you're dead. Almost everybody who makes it past that first year of weed-out courses in computer science was writing code all through high school. That's pretty unfair if you're from a disadvantaged family that didn't own a computer, or you're a good student who simply took some time to find an interest, but... The colleges only have so many seats, and if they can teach to a higher standard or push things further because most of the entering freshmen already know a thing, they will.
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    Progressive Credentialism is bullshit.

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    While ... I understand why it's done, I also agree it's pretty stupid. They really shouldn't be calling these positions entry level when they are not in fact entry level. Literally, what that term was used for was for people who had little to no experience to enter in the industry. Those who are straight out of college.

    I would like to point out something though. Even if you don't meet the requirements, that doesn't mean you can't apply. Sometimes companies will make exceptions. Some companies don't even follow their requirements strictly.

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