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Thread: Bambino Magnifico - Available this Fall!

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    Default Bambino Magnifico - Available this Fall!

    I've recently received an email from Bambino Diapers telling me that their newest diaper, Magnifico, will be released sometime within the next coming months. Specifics are in the spoiler below.

    This is awesome, I can't wait!

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    Does anyone know if the side panels will be similar to the side panels on pampers, if so that would be awesome. I have never bought form them, but these might be worth looking into.

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    I got the same email. Looking forward to it.

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    I tried one of the samples that came in their cases last year and was impressed. The only issue I had was rolling it up after it was used as the velcro tabs wouldn't stick to the plastic...I'll be curious to see how they're priced.

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