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    I went to see if my symptoms matched the anxiety symptoms as I am very anxious at college so much I cannot wet there, but sometimes I can do it a little bit, since I really want to do this, I am going to keep trying.

    How can you suggest ways of wetting in class to be a little easier for me?

    Back to the symptoms, I have moments mostly when I sweat, need to pee more but can't, unable to calm myself down, I have heart palpitions, hot and cold flushes and almost feel unreal and jumpy. Those are symptoms of anxiety that I have, that will also explain why I can wet at home but not in class. I am working on wetting in public places like when I am out shopping and I find it s lot easier to do so. I have had shooting pains before when I am anxious, especially in the same spot I mentioned in my other thread. I have had in other places now I think of it. To think of it when I am talking to somebody I am jabbering like mad all the time, sweating and trembling uncontrollably and that explains a lot.

    What can you suggest to get rid or help my anxiety?

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    I'm somewhat the same, I suffer from severe anxiety disorder, on top of the trembling, I occasionally get shaky, and get full blown muscle twitches, and muscle jerks all over my body, and when I'm stressed out, I also hallucinate. I get full blown panic attacks, but I can seem quite calm, but inside, feeling like I'm being chased by a lion and fighting for my life. (not literally but that's the best I can explain it) you feel like your losing your mind.

    Heart palpation's, occur with me when I'm super stressed out and often than not follow a panic attack, I've been to the doctor for it, and I'm fine just anxiety kicking in.

    The symptoms of anxiety varies, just like any other disorder, with my depression, it sometimes causes me to be physically tired, have pains that are tied to my depression, headaches, and chest pain aren't too uncommon with depression from what I've been told.

    Anxiety disorder, is something that stays with you forever, for me, I can go days with minor symptoms no panic attacks, and be fine, while other days, I get full blown muscle twitches, finger spasms, jerkiness in my hands and feet, full blown shakiness.

    I don't really have any tips, but reducing coffee, sleeping lots, and relaxing can help, caffeinated beverages make it tons worse, but that's all the advice I really have.

    You can get anxiety without anxiety disorder, which is normal, anxiety disorder is where it becomes a problem, mental illnesses can develop after a traumatic evident, sometimes straight away, sometimes years past the event. with me my anxiety didn't start up until I was 16, and that was all triggered by bullying which caused me a great deal of trauma which dealt with a lot of blood, it was triggered a couple months after my finger was sliced open due to a bully, blood went everywhere, and dripped all over my hand, i didn't really feel anything as I dissociated, for some flash backs are also a problem, I get flash backs, which are terrible, and due to this, I almost pass out whenever getting vaccines, or anything to do with lots of blood.

    But yeah, my advice is to most likely see a doctor about it, its better if you get it treated early, and stay strong. Do the impossible, take care

    With wetting, it takes time. I started to wear in public not long ago, took me a while to pee while in public, but for the life of me, I cannot pee around people, maybe you have a shy bladder like myself?

    You could also try visualization, like image your in a toilet peeing, or turn it into something positive, like it's better to use diapers than to use the icky public toilets which are icky often.

    When i started to pee in public, I told myself that, it's better than using the public toilets, which are always full, and icky, I stood, and peed. It takes time to master the art of diapers

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    I feel very anxious and jumpy when people talk to me, like they are about the say something horrible but then I realised they never do, so I am started to get that concept in my head, but one thing is, do you when you watch something upsetting, think it's going to happen to you so you get paranoid after watching it? I do all the time!

    I am at my most comfortable at home with my dad, but even then I get anxious and repeat myself and stutter like a parrot but when it's only me in the house, I get anxious and I Cant sleep well.

    I am really sorry about your bullying, I myself have been bullied but not to the extent of being cut. I have gained depression due to toxic relationships Botha with my own mother and so called Friends and bullies. I have gained anxiety due to my moms health conditions and I have gained hyperchrondriacism and it's very stressful.

    I will go to the doctor if it gets worse or unmanageable. With peeing in public I would say I would visualise being 2 as I remember physically being that age and wetting without a care in the world. I could also visualise a no-toilet sign in my head! Lol! It will take time to pee in public before my stabbing pains go away in my lower tummy and I stop clenching my jaw and twitching.

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