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Thread: Wetting my diaper this morning brought back a long lost memory

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    Default Wetting my diaper this morning brought back a long lost memory

    I thought this would never happen but when I wet my diaper this morning, it brought back a memory of me wetting my diaper uncontrollably when playing, I was a 2 year old in it. It was really nice to see myself like that again. I thought all of my memories were gone for ever, I am glad I got it back or got to see it one last time! So happy now sucking my schnulli,!

    Has anybody ever recovered a lost ,memory from regressing before? I think it's because now I am going 24/7 properly, it's triggered one of my earlier memories. I wonder how many more or when my next memory is going to occur!

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    I hadn't worn pyjamas for about 35 years, and bought some recently.
    I made a similar thread about how wearing a nappy under them, or more to the point, wetting them, bought back memories. The feeling of wet pyjama legs maybe didn't bring back specific memories, but memories of certain feelings, if that makes sense.

    The same with diapers. Wearing or wetting one doesn't so much trigger specific memories of a particular incident, but putting on a clean, dry one before bed helps me remember the feeling of safety and security I'd get as a bed wetting child, who suddenly felt a lot safer about getting into bed.

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