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Thread: Has anyone gone to another planet in diapers

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    Default Has anyone gone to another planet in diapers

    I was wondering has anyone gone to another Planet in diapers

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    Obviously you must be from a different world or the future because we or anyone else in our world hasn't had an opportunity to visit another planet in our life time.

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    If you count the Moon as a planet ... no, the Apollo astronauts used catheters.

    Diapers are used now but nobody has gone to another planet in one.

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    I thought Matt Damon was wearing a diaper when he was stranded on Mars?

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    There are rumors that some astronauts wear diapers when they are in outer space because there are no toilet for them.

    The Astronaut Diapers (MAG)

    The true name of NASA's astronaut diaper is the maximum absorbency Garment (MAG) which is piece of clothing astronauts wear during liftoff, landing, spacewalks, and other extra-vehicular activities to absorb urine and feces. The MAG is used because astronauts cannot remove their spacesuits during long operations, so the MAG is worn in case of an emission.


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    Nobody has gone to another planet at all, in or out of diapers. The farthest we've gone is the Moon. Though if we get to Mars (I'm optimistic about it happening in my lifetime), they'll probably be padded.

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    Ive been to many planets in diapers but I like earth the best

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    I have been to other worlds and parallel universes In diapers but this isn't bad.

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