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Thread: Playing with duplos in the bath!

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    Default Playing with duplos in the bath!

    I had some fun with my duplos in the bath, I took some with me to play in the bath.

    It was fun sitting in water, splashing around and seeing them float around in different colours and sizes! It was fun feeling them wet as I put them together! I couldn't build much though... I also washed up with johnsons baby wash. Such a babyish smell.

    Has any of you guys ever taken duplos into the bath, I just had the crazy, crazy idea to do it tonight!

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    I never heard of them I never took a bath with them.

    I just googled them and see that they are just extra large Legos...this just confirms that I never used them in a bath. I have played with them some - when my nieces and nephews were young, they had some but I just called them Legos.

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    I did have Duplos. Never have played with 'em in the tub, though...

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    I have a few little dolls that are bathtub safe and some real vintage and non-vintage bathtub toys that I take with me, but as for duplo I've never owned any. Not to pat myself on the back or anything but I'm really good with legos so I buy the real ones, in fact for my birthday my husband got me the Simpsons Lego house (I would usually never spend $200 on legos. It took me only 2 nights to put it together and as for the tub, little legos would probably be a really bad idea.

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