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Thread: First time buying diapers! Advice and suggestions?

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    Default First time buying diapers! Advice and suggestions?

    Hey everyone! Next week I plan on purchasing my first pair of real diapers (I've always used goodnites) I need to use Amazon because with Amazon prime I'm guaranteed to have it in 2 days.

    First, ive limited myself to 3 diapers, either I'm going to get:
    -Abena Abri Form Plastic Backed
    -Molicare Super Plus
    -North Shore Supreme Briefs
    All seem like very good choices and you get about the same amount for same price. What's the pros and cons to each, your experiences with these diapers, and what would you recommend?

    Secondly, my waist size is 29', small sizes and medium sizes seem to overlap a lot on these. For instance a small fits 22'-32' waist and medium fits 27'-34'. Should I go with the small or medium since I'm in the middle of these overlaps?

    Thank you all for your responses!

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    My favorites are Abena's M4's and I would go for the Medium size, being between two sizes, best to go for the larger of the two. Smalls are a lot smaller than one would think

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    I've tried the M4s and the molicare super plus, and my favourite is the M4. I would say they are equal in thickness and absorbency. They're both great, but they have one downside each IMO. The molicares are a little tight in the rear, and the M4s clump up a bit if it's wet and you move around alot, like walking long distances. None of these cons are a problem really, but the more you know the better i guess Good luck!

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    I use the Abena M4 as my every day diaper (plastic backed), but I have used all three of the diapers listed and I will try to give my thoughts on them.

    If you're in between sizes go for the larger size. Dealing with smaller than your size diapers is not fun.

    I have a 38" waist and fit the medium size of each brand decently.

    Abena M4 (Plastic backed)
    The Abena M4 are thicker than the Molicares, but are for sure not as soft as the Molicares(I assume you are speaking of the plastic backed, all purple ones).
    M4 has a better capacity than Molicares but tends to clump a bit over time whilst moving about. I suggest pairing with Abena Abri-let Maxi for keeping things together and adds a nice bulk.
    The tapes on the M4 are always a little suspect nowadays and sometimes you get a bad batch where the machine has run them crooked, ruining the batch. But that's not too often. Still is a risk when buying single bags, you might catch a wonky batch.
    I still prefer these for their thickness and capacity, but mostly for their fit. They just have a good high waist rise and hug me right.

    NorthShore Supreme Brief (Plastic backed)
    I don't use the NSS as much as the M4 but have gone through a good couple of cases.(Plastic backed)
    The Northshore Supremes are like Abena M4s but slightly cheaper, don't clump as easy, swell a little more solidly when wet and you don't run the risk of getting an off batch. The tapes are good and the plastic backing is decent. Very basic looking but North Shore's quality have been great so far and I have yet to have problems with them except they are a little stiff out of the bag.

    Molicare Super Plus (Plastic backed)
    I've only used about 3 cases of the Molicare Super Plus. (Plastic backed)
    The Molicares... are stupidly soft and are an adorable purple color. Sleeping in them is very pleasant as the softness is comforting and the elastics hug me right. The tapes are great and the plastic backing is fantastic. They still lack the capacity that the other two have unfortunately and aren't as thick.

    If you're in between sizes for most brands, XP Medical Absorbency+ briefs have a smaller medium that might work well for you, Meduim 26"-36".
    Thing is about the A+ level 4 briefs is they don't have standing leak guards. They do have an amazing amount of absorbency and swell quite a bit.
    I don't have too much experience with the A+ Level 4 but the one case I had was pretty neato. If you think about these, make sure you get the Level 4 and not the level 3.

    I hope this helps in your decision making and I wish you luck in your quest for diapers ^u^

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    I wear medium myself just so I have room for stuffing them. I don't buy small diapers and I only by small pull-ups except with GoodNites. I subscribed to the small for quite a while, but just decided to go back to the large as my money seems to be adding up faster than I am spending it.
    I have not tried any of the diapers mentioned. My main purchases have been Rearz Spoiled and Snuggies Waddlers. I went with the daytime though since it was a better price.

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    I've tried a pack of Northshore Supremes; they're okay, but not for me. They absorb pretty well, but they're not too comfy to me. Molicare Super Plus was my first adult diaper, and I still wear them because they're so soft. As far as Abenas go, I only have experience with the cloth-backed S4's, which I didn't like too much.

    As far as your sizing question goes, go with the mediums. For frame of reference, I have a 26" waist and still prefer mediums over smalls.

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    I do not have any real diapers but love hearing about them.

    You have the first stage nailed which is measuring your wast.
    Amazon prim I herd dose cost quite a bit. But I guess it is faster to get your product to you easier.
    If you live on your own it is a bonus. If you live with someone parents/carers/roomate find out if when they are out.
    Better yet if they are going away for a day and 1 night or away for a weekend/week. This should give you enough time to go out, buy a big pack or small pack of your preferred diapers depending on how long they are gone.

    This advice is more if you wanted to go out and get them. Though like I said before if you live by yourself that's OK.

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    it somewhat depends on your physique, too! In my experience the Abena M4s are some of the larger medium sized diapers (only beaten by Dry 24/7s) so if you have a very small frame (as is indicated by you wearing drynites) it might be worth considering the options. Also, there are no more plastic backed small M4s. One issue I had with the Molicare Super Plus is that they start clumping fairly quickly. Extended daytime use for me is out of the question with them.
    Another thing to consider is the smell. Molicare and Abena are both not stellar when it comes to containing pee smell though if you stay well hydrated you should still be fine.
    tl dr:
    All have their pros and cons, if you want thick, go for M4s :P

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