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Thread: My diaper training program week 1

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    Default My diaper training program week 1

    For those who don't know, I have been training my bladder and bowels to unconsciously void without any unnessary harm done to my body (e.i catheters)

    So I found a pain free and completely natural way of doing so, by going in my diapers instead of sometimes going to the toilet, I have been doing so for one week , whilst they say it can take a year to train your body to naturally void on its own, including sleep wetting, here's how I did this first week of doing it properly.

    Day 1: I found it hard to avoid the toilet as sometimes, when my diaper compatibility is full, I go to the toilet in order to prevent leaks but regards of how full it was I had to pee anyway as this was one of the rules.

    Day 2 and day 3: proberly the same but once I had to pee where I was but I wasn't wearing so I ended up wetting the floor, (of course, I had to clean up, but I reminded myself of my goal so I kept at it)

    Day 4-5 : it finally came to messing, it felt very unnatural for me so I kept straining but I did it in the end. Wetting at college was a bit difficult, I dribbled a few times but I couldn't fully void unless i was in private.

    Day 5-7: I am starting find messing more natural but I didn't do a full void like on day 3. I found wetting extremely difficult at college today and had to stand in private. I tried to wet whilst walking and had little success. I found I had to stop, start peeing and then resume walking. As soon as I resumed walking I stopped voiding.

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    Thanks for the update. I remember the day I wet on the floor. I learned to stay diapered after that. I sometimes just sit down on the toilet with my diaper on and fill itbif it is near capacity. Maybe that is cheating, but easier to clean up.

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