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Thread: Not being in the right mind set

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    Default Not being in the right mind set

    I have found today when I woke up this morning that I have been in little space and really not focussing in college. I can't keep doing that and I need to be able to snap out of it, is there any possible ways of doing so?

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    One make your little self a bit older, a school age kid say about 10, with permissive parents who let him/her wear pull-ups
    In this scenario your school age kid self going to school and needing to do homework.
    Then you could do your homework wearing your nappies and sucking on a binky if you do that.
    You could sit at in a special chair and imagine the treat you will be given (albeit your giving it to yourself) if you sit in the chair for so many hours/until your homework is done.

    That is how I cope with not regressing so much I neglect my life. I pretend my "imaginary" nice parents have given me a list of housework chores to do letting me wear diapers and suck on a binky while doing them.

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    I could pretend I am at school or something, I think that's how I coped today but I really wanted to stay home and play!

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