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Thread: Sharp pain in lower stomach (possible due to my kidneys reacting to the 24/7 diaper wearing)

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    Default Sharp pain in lower stomach (possible due to my kidneys reacting to the 24/7 diaper wearing)

    I have found today and on a few occasions that my lower stomach around the kidneys area have been spasming or there has been a sharp pain when I laugh.

    Is this down to 24/7 diaper wearing because the programs that I have been following have warned about spasms in my kidneys or bladder.

    Or is this something more serious?

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    Offhand, I cannot see how simply wearing nappies, even 24/7, could cause any such symptoms. Urinary tract infections resulting from wearing soiled nappies too long, or excess urinary retention resulting from subconscious shame at the idea of being in nappies, possibly. But those definitely fall under the heading of "see a doctor".

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    It doesn't hurt now, it's just time to time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    May I add some additional information: I was at college when I had the pain, I think I needed to pee but Not desperately as far as I could tell, I have not quite mastered or feel completely comfortable with wetting at college.

    May I also add that I still have control obviously with both my bladder and bowel control...

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    What do you mean by "lower stomach"? Stomach pain is easy to identify because your stomach is behind your ribs and usually on the left. Kidney pain is easy to identify because your kidneys are around your back.

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    Acute kidney issues usually cause pain in the lower back. Insane pain on the level of burning knifes sticking out your sides. But since you say sharp pain, I would see a doctor nevertheless.

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    I mean above my groin to put things bluntly, I would say bad cramping but it is rather sharp. I not sure if it's because I was stressed because I was today. Does that change anything?

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    Hey astatine, what you typed sounds like what I had going on for a while.

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    It could be numerous things, wrong with you, and the only thing that could possibly connect would be a UTI but I'm know expert, you could be constipated, none of us here knows and diapers usually doubt cause medical conditions beyond diaper rash as far as I know. It could be something really serious that you should be talking to a doctor about.

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    I have IBS, could it be that? I have had a stressful day of not wanting to be at college and trying to wet there and failing miserably.

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    Possibly your diet, I know about IBS but im no expert. There should be people here and on other sites that can provide some good advice.

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