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Thread: Wheelchair bound and need some advice

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    Default Wheelchair bound and need some advice

    What is the best brand of tape on diapers for those who are wheelchair bound, I need one for both bowel and bladder usage. I just started wearing diapers due to the fact that I am sometimes out for almost 6 hours now and I need protection for when I am not home I don't have the ability due to the fact that I have DMD and my muscles are really weak. I was wonder what else you would recommend for let's say skin care, plastic pants, clothing, and etc., anything that would help me as a wheelchair user. I have tried a couple brands of diaper and some were ok, but most leaked.

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    There are no simple answers because you are unique and some things depend on your location. Being out 6 hours does seem to indicate a need for effective protection. I hope you have access to help from a continence specialist advisor or nurse who should be able to assist you to make decisions about the best way to cope without running risks of skin problems or other difficulties that it is very important to avoid.

    If this kind of support is hard to get where you are maybe we could offer suggestions about getting it?

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    I dated a guy in a wheelchair a few years back and was right out with him that I wear full diapers nearly all the time. I was able to care for him some and would change him in public and in his chair in my apt. The most important thing for you and for me is to wear top quality diapers and apply them tightly. Plastic pants are a must to contain odor. I would use two pairs of Gary active briefs in two sizes and wear them both with a double seal at the waist and legs. Can you feel when you have wet or soiled yourself? I would buy medium seni quatro briefs. There's also a new seni guard that fits over one's penis that can catch a big wetting and can be changed. That might be more than you can handle. They are called seni man fit.

    How has it been wearing full adult briefs with tapes? Do you have a caregiver to help ?

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    Can you lift yourself off the seat just enough to shimmy them down (if wearing pullups)?

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    I find that abena work well, I am in a wheelchair as well, and I often use them while sitting. I have not had any real problem with leaks.

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    Abena and tranquility atn work well. If you have troubles with bowels you should check the diaper more often. I have had some leaks but my cna Always keeps a chux on my chairs just in case.

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    I'll throw out Drycare 24/7 diapers, because if you flood larger voids, these can handle them better. They have a high capacity and allows you to be out longer without needing a change.

    Plastic pants are a good option, just make sure they are wide enough in the crotch so they can provide extra protection vs leaks.

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    Ok I am now reciving diapers through Medicaid due to my disease, they are only providing the cheap ones which are the prevail brand. Can you tell what method I could do to make sure they don't leak, I just ordered the velcro diaper covers from dependeco, due to them having good reviews, instead of using plastic pants due to them causing rashes a lot due to the rubbing, should arrive soon. What cream or stuff would you use to protect skin from breakdown/rashes/bedsores. I am always in a wheelchair everyday and I am not bed ridden. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, 20 years old, and I am currently lucky that my parents are going to take care of me in college and get paid to help as well, which will help them out and make me more happy.
    Me and my parents have been screwed by the Government many times by people who do not know how to do their job by approve stuff that I need to live life by, such as my wheelchair, bed etc. , people getting paid before the job is done, I live in Ohio and I am on the IO waiver, and people who slack to get stuff done. I am happy to know that I am getting help from you guys. We don't know if the IO waiver in Ohio can pay for premium diapers, because no wonder so many parents hate these *Shit* products that Medicaid pays for, to be given to help their kids with Disabilities, such as me when I want to do some stuff in the public and have to worry about what I am going to do about going #2, which is a waste because they would spend less if they worked better then these cheap things. Sorry for this rant, but it feels good to get this out, thanks for the help. Any more advice would help. P.S. - You don't know how many times I wanted to go off on these people who try to help me, but their not really helping. I don't even know who to vote for and who's going to help us people with disabilities, because no one has said anything for people with disabilities. =《PLEASE DO NOT CAUSE ANY POLITICAL PROBLEMS DUE TO THIS POST》

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    There's nothing very political except for the fact that the government doesn't do anything to help out their citizens much at all. They let insurance companies determine how you should live your life. I have a friend of mine that once got seriously injured (neck and back) on the job and they sent spies to watch him and once he picked up his small child and the insurance company brought him to court to challenge his disability.

    Regarding incontinence supplies, you should contact product distributors and try to get products outside of Medicaid. Check out HDIS, they provide Medicaid coverage for the state of Ohio.

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    Tried HDIS, they offer the really cheap ones. I did try to get tranquility diapers through them but Medicaid will not cover them. They only offered two brands the wings and nu-fit, which are not as good as tranquility.

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