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Thread: crib or bed

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    Default crib or bed

    so would you prefer a crib or something like a training bed(with a plastic mattress protector obviously)

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    Well, ideal fantasy of mine is try to sleep in crib that has big rails so you can't climb out of it...but cribs are big investment for me just now (and there is problem with space in my home)...
    So, try a training bed with plastic mattress or sheets...

    Now that you ask... there is one memory of mine involving crib: when I was about 10 years old I was in hospital due to my asthma problems, and there were some problems with lack of beds, so I had to sleep in real crib!
    Some kids my age were teasing me about that but I was OK with it... there is a smile on my face whenever I recall that memory.

    You have here some info/suggestions:

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    I'd love to have a crib, but getting one now would be impractical. I'd need one that I could fit in, and they're not only expensive, but I wouldn't have to place to hide them either. I think that once I graduate from college and get my own house I'll get some wood, saws, and other materials and just build my one myself.
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    I dream of sleeping in a crib and spending time in an oversized playpen during the day, both with sides about 5 feet high so there is no way to get out unless the side is let down. This is of course a dream and something that will never be practical.

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    From childhood, night diapered in a youth bed with a fragrant rubber sheet below would be my choice.

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    im thinking of making one as im doing wood work in college as I really enjoy it

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    Just once, I would really like to try to sleep in a real crib. If it goes well, I would probably need to build one (to get more room) or go to a toddler bed. Don't know about that.

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    I wish I could have a crib but like many parts of abdl it takes money or time and sadly this requires both. One day I hope to have a playpen, crib, highchair, the whole nine yards but until then adult furtintur will suffice.

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    I would like to have a crid. But it needs to be an ABDL size one and they cost too much money.

    So i am in a big boys bed with plastic mattress protector, just in case I have leaks in the night. :-(

    But if I curl up into a ball I can still fit on a crid. And baby's are us have nice ones.

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