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    I have several friends, but I've been thinking What would it be like to an abdl friends. I've meet a few good people here. That's saying something considering that I've give up on people for the most part. I feel alone where I live. Is it fulfilling having such a friend or it is more of a breach of privacy?

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    When I was a freshmen in college, In my first week, I joined one of the abdl networks, I dont remember which one it was, this was back in 2006. It turned out that an upper classmen was also going to the same college as I was, and wanted to meet up.

    I had never met someone else who was an abdl before, he was friendly enough, although he was a bit more enthusiastic about certain things that I was hoping to avoid or just discuss? we ended up going to a walmart and purchasing nappies, and then went to a mall and put them on in the changing stalls, Unfortunately, to me it felt awkward, and I dont think we had anything remotely in common aside from an interest in nappies. He wanted to get together a few times after that but I politely declined.

    so..essentially, if they are a person you would enjoy spending time with in a non abdl scenario I think that it would not be a breach of privacy to spend time in a abdl mind state.

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    You need more than diapers in common to be friends. That said, there are probably lots of ABDLs out there that you do have enough in common with to be friends. You won't really know until you put yourself out there. I think even having polite acquaintances is way better than nothing but over time, you should be able to do better.

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    Well my last ex bf was abdl. He was the first person who I met who was abdl.
    Someone I met through psn originally.

    But his constant lying,excuses,and cheating on me multiple times wasn't worth me staying with him.
    And very long distance too.

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