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Thread: Being "Little" and watching "Super-Hero Cartoons"...

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    Default Being "Little" and watching "Super-Hero Cartoons"...

    Here it is almost midnight and I have been here in my downstairs Den watching the "Wonder Woman" full-length animated movie.
    I still love watching Super-Hero Cartoons.
    Anyway, "Wonder Woman" really "kicks butt" and defeats the enemies of Freedom and Justice.

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    Never really cared for Wonder Women - except for the costume!

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    Wonder woman is amazing yes the outfit ROCKS!!!

    Superman is also great!

    And of course we have my all time favorite Batman the animated series.

    Superhero cartoons of the 90's were/still are amazing!!

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    Steven Universe qualifies as a super hero, right? I've been binge watching that show with my crinkly cuddle buddy. I am now caught up to the current episodes and loving it! And now we are in the midst of The Summer of Steven in which we get five new episodes every week! SQUEE!!!

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