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Thread: Time of the month problem

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    Default Time of the month problem

    I have no actual physical problem with the time of the month, it's more I don't want to be reminded of it.

    I am ok with cramps but it's the fact that it comes out into my diapers and changes me into a moody teenager.

    I thought about stopping my time of my month all together by taking the pill, it works with me because I have taken it for 2-3 weeks before, a day after i stopped taking it, my peroid cropped up. I also heard that I will stop working after a long peroid of time taking it. I heard that it can also cause cancer or mess up your body, what are the side effects of the pill?

    Another option is to use tampons, I never used tampons fully for even an hour. I don't know how to put them up properly and I am scared about developing toxic shock syndrome. I also heard of my dads friends that she used to change her tampon every time she went to the bathroom! How long exactly a re you meant to keep them in for? If I use tampons at least I won't to deal with the blood in my diaper thing anymore and it will take away the feeling of a peroid along with taking ibroprofen to relive my cramps.

    What are your thoughts and advice you would give me on this?

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    Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) isn't a concern for most women unless you have other health issues, a very, very heavy flow, or you just never change your tampon. A menstrual cup can also give you the same benefits with significantly less risk if you're still concerned. Plus cups are meant to be washed and reused so you'll never need to buy tampons except a few to keep in your purse for emergencies (yours or someone else's).

    As for the pill, every article I've ever read claims that there's no apparent health risk in using birth control to completely stop your period although if there is, we won't know for a few decades when epidemiologists can do long-term tracking studies. There are two things to be aware of if you go this route. First, less-frequent periods are stronger periods. So if you stop your period for two years and then have one, you're going to have a way, way worse time than what you currently have once a month. Second, sometimes your period might just come anyway. My fiancee has used birth control to stop her period before so we could have sex during our visits (we've been long-distance for four years) and we've found that after long enough she'll start spotting and slowly but surely, spotty will just turn into a period. Sometimes you can't fight biology.

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