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Thread: Looks so simple

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    Default Looks so simple

    From reading on here and from videos on seen putting on a diaper looks easier enough. Is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    From reading on here and from videos on seen putting on a diaper looks easier enough. Is it?
    It can be easy, but it can also be hard, It's all dependent on a few factors, It's easier to do it while standing, and find it harder to do it lying down.

    Sometimes, It's tricky to keep the diaper positioned straight, and sometimes you may get it a bit too lose, I'm recently have been diapering myself with real adult diapers, and although It's not hard to do, it's a bit tricky to get right and takes a little practice.

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    For me easier when lying down, make sure your surface is flat (not a bunched up blanket) the wings are folded out enough and you practice pulling the front in place and have an idea where to stick the tabs before you open them.

    With a new brand of diaper I like to take my time pulling the front up to get an idea of where it will sit, how tight the elastic will be and make sure I can place the tabs evenly before I open them to stick them.

    Oh yeah if it's a 4 tab diaper I stick the bottom ones first and then the top ones.

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    After 4 months of practising, I am now a master at taping diapers so they don't leak!

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    Putting on an adult diaper is like playing bass guitar; it's easy to start up and do, but takes an incredibly underestimated amount of understanding to do well. You can tape it on and pull your pants up, but it takes a lot of trial and error to find out how to put them on to save from drooping, leaks, chafing, etc. A lot has to do with the brand of diaper you choose and the contours of your body and your bladder.

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    you don't know? I thought you wore? As for taping up diapers, its not an exact science, but you can learn to get consistent results, idealy your primary concern is no gaps at the leg gathers, secondary concern is the top tapes.

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    Some folks find it just as easy to do the fitting standing up with the butt against a wall holding the back panel with tabs in place.
    Then pull the front part between the legs up to the waist and bring one of the sides around to mate with the front part holding with one hand.
    Then bring the other side around to test and search around for the spot to best tape that side keeping it equal to the other side.
    Once tape tabbed do the other side. The priority to tape the top tabs or the bottom tabs is all matter of how comfortable and confident in your
    application. First time users should play around with masking tape before using the diapers tape tabs which may be a one time application and
    reuse a problem. If you do screw up all is not lost just put on a firm fitting diaper cover and snug up the diaper underneath. You may not be
    able to dump a load as you would with the tape tabs firmly placed but you can get by till round 2 occurs.
    The deal with the butt up against the wall fitting the sides are easily accessible and not hiding under the bed blankets etc.
    Laying on the floor is another method but concern about the surrounding condition can lead to other problems i.e wet floor dust dirt trash and
    woefully questionable sanitary conditions ! Mostly trial and error till you get
    it right.

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    Besides getting the right fit for you - remember that most diapers are just a little different from the others - In other words, the way one brand/model of diapers are fitted may not work with another brand/model.

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    usually if i cant something done right ill frustrated and give up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    usually if i cant something done right ill frustrated and give up
    Take your time b4 taping up!

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