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Thread: The best thing about wearing IMO

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    Default The best thing about wearing IMO

    I really love the feeling of complete relaxation, like I can totally lose all cares and tension when I put a diaper on.
    Like right now, I'm thinking to myself, how was I even able to relax while laying down in bed trying to sleep for the past few months?
    I have only been wearing at work for the past 4-5 months, if ever, and getting a night to put on a Teddy + a trufit insert is just straight bliss. The gf isn't too fond of it if you guys have been keeping track at all about my personal situation, but as long as I can steal a night here or there, I'm totally fine not wearing around her most days/nights.
    I understand now that I have an addictive personality, and that certain things can...consume my entire personality if I'm not careful (be it drugs, alcohol, pokemon go ;p, or in this case diapers). But having one night out of a hundred(ish) to indulge my desires seems healthy permitting xD

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    Falling asleep in a (sometimes soggy :P) diaper is definitely a very rewarding feeling. My personal favorite thing about wearing? So many things; I can't decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    My personal favorite thing about wearing? So many things; I can't decide.
    It's the pooping in them.

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    yeah waking up needing to do #1and#2 and not having to get out of my warm bed is true bliss.

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