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Thread: My dad won't ever fully accept me

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    Default My dad won't ever fully accept me

    My dad knows about my toys and liking little girl stuff, but he is ok with the toys but he says "it's disturbing that you like princess stuff" and "just don't do it around me"

    I feel like I am committing a taboo by liking princess stuff and my other baby stuff. Ok, dad doesn't the rest of my "stuff" and I don't plan on telling but he has made out that it is a huge taboo in my eyes and now I feel bad. I understand that not a lot of people want to be exposed to littles and whilst I accept and respect his wishes, I feel mentally ill, because he said "get it out of your system by doing your princess stuff in your room and it will pass shortly"

    Especially the "it will pass shortly and get it out of your system" he's treating it like he has found out I masturbate or something! I trust him but I don't half think he is going to report me to mental health the way he was talking! I know he won't though as he likes toys as well. I was planning on telling him I like pacifiers but I don't trust him to accept me now, he is definatly going to think it's creepy!

    Sorry I was just ranting and since it's 1am, I will proberly wonder why I even made this post!

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    You'll just need to balance how much you expose him to. It's only natural that your dad is going to want for you to mature in the so called 'normal' way. He's unlikely to fully understand the way you feel, and that's ok. Not fair that we have to live in two worlds, but thats reality unfortunately. I'd say, look after him a bit too by not freaking him out too much

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    I try not to freak my wife out. I'd like to drink from my baby bottle but I'm pretty sure it makes her uncomfortable, so I seldom do it. She tolerates my pink Baby Pants but I don't think she's thrilled about them. I think she's afraid if we were in an auto accident, or if I had a heart attack, the hospital would see me wearing them, etc. Sometimes we have to give up some of the things we'd like to wear or do in order to make our loved ones comfortable around us. Living with others almost always involves some give and take.

    Maybe you could wear what you want in your bedroom at night when you've retired for the evening. A lot of it is all about timing and finding opportunity.

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