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    Hi everyone,

    I wasn't really sure what to title this thread since I will be mentioning a lot of different things. I have had issues with anxiety my whole life and I have been a DL for as long as I can remember although I have not engaged in diaper wearing until about 8 months ago when I started renting an apartment (I am currently a senior in college). I have been talking to a therapist for about 3 months at an average of about once or twice every couple weeks and opened up to her about my interest in diapers. She assured me that it absolutely sounds healthy and is something I should not feel any shame about.

    I have a lot of interest in starting to wear more frequently. I have noticed that when I am wearing, my anxiety is lessened SIGNIFICANTLY. So much so that wearing even seems to have a residual positive effect on me. Currently, I only wear when I'm at my apartment and sometimes in public when I am with my girlfriend (she is very supportive). I have a decent stash of diapers, but I am trying to be financially responsible and going through 2-4 premium disposable diapers a day (Northshore Premiums, etc) isn't something I really want to do right now from a financial standpoint. I am interested in looking into cloth diapers/plastic pants and would like some advice about how to get started and what to consider! Personally, I would like to find cloth diapers which are not very bulky but still feel more like diapers than the regular Hanes underwear that I usually wear. I do not need them to be super absorbent because I do not plan on using them heavily, but I would still like to have the feeling that I am wearing a diaper. I look forward to hearing what you have to say and I welcome any suggestions!


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    I just typed a long post and lost it. So here is the short version

    I have tried different cloth brands including bulky night time flannel and birdseye and daytime weight with pins and pants. I find them too bulky for public wear and difficult (impossible) to change in public. Industrial diapers with waist snaps fit bad on me and were too bulky.
    Pull up are better, but not my preference. Custom contour I have not tried.

    Generally need a good supply (4-8) of diapers and plastic pants to use regularly. Consider the laundry burden if you use regularly.

    The best I have tried are Dependco. I could use this for daily wear.

    I also like the selection at Babykins.

    Baby-pants also has Training pants if that is your thing

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    i looked on dependeco and omg they look so cute thank you

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    The thing about Dependeco is that they hold very little, even with stuffers. They are more for novelty than function.

    However Prefolds are more functional, you customize the thickness as long as it fits in the plastic pants. The wider the crotch of plastic pants, the better for that.

    Plastic pants tend to wear way faster than the cloth diaper itself. Which is another reason why those AIO (All In One) cloth diapers don't last long.

    Prefolds aren't hard to put on, there's alternative to pins out there that make it a lot easier to do so. Snappi Fasteners and Boingo Fasteners both are in my opinion, better than pins and keep a diaper smug around your waist. Cloth diapers don't have a lot of capacity. You don't need to wear multiple adult ones. You can purchase a few dozen toddler prefolds as stuffers.

    For practical reasons you'll need a pail for your diapers. You should rinse them off at least after using them. I don't know if you live with your girlfriend or not. The diapers will begin to smell if kept around too long.

    If you're ok with the extra work involved with cloth diapers, you should read articles here about how to care for your diapers.

    You'll need to invest in a changing pad as your used diapers will touch anything.

    You don't have to buy everything at once.

    Before making an investment, make sure that they will fit you. If you're on the higher side of a size range, go up a size. You'll want plenty of overlap. You don't want the wings to barely meet. The same goes for plastic pants. People often go by their pant size to order plastic pants, which is a HUGE mistake, they forget to account for additional diaper room required. For example, I can wear a 3xl plastic pants because the leg size is small enough around my legs. There's plenty of room did thicket diapers and there will be less chance of the pants ripping. Invest in a sewing measuring tape, preferably the longest you can find, at least 6 feet. Measure around your waist at your belly button, measure length from belly button to your waistline around your back, and measure around your legs. This will also find you better fitting items like onesies (a diaper's best friend even if you're not an AB, onesies will keep a diaper on you snugly and keep the diaper up and nestled where it needs to be and will keep your diaper from peeking from your clothing) as well as cloth diapers.

    Look at Changing times cloth diaper company. They have top of the line stuff, at great prices. Buy a couple of adult diapers, buy some toddler prefolds for stuffers. Buy your pins or pin alternatives from here. They have everything you need here to get started.

    If you have any questions, ask away.

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    For an inexpensive cloth diaper you might want to try a flour sack cloth towel. These can be bought on the internet. Just search for flour sack cloth towel. You will also see references to using the towels as diapers by thrifty moms. The cost is only about 1 dollar each and you can double or triple them to increase absorbancy. Much cheaper than other adult cloth diapers and if they don't work out you can use them to dry dishes.

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