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Thread: My hair keeps coming out in the bath!

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    Default My hair keeps coming out in the bath!

    I hope I am not going bald! I guess I have been through a traumatic time a month ago when my mom died. I heard if this thing called alopecia where you get bald patches on your head, I hope that does not happen to me, I read somewhere that your hair returns to normal 6 months after the traumatic incident.

    Has anybody experienced excessive hair loss during a traumatic peroid? It's scary for me to find lots of strands of my hair (nobody has long blond hair in the family except me, the only humans have short brown hair and are males!) in the bath tub, I find when I wash my hair that a lot of my hair comes out, I havn't been finding hair on my pillow but this is starting worry me. How much of my hair is going to go missing for 6 months!? Please help!

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    First - sorry for your loss, i do hope thing get better for you over time.

    Second - I have felt with hair loss on top of my head and i can tell you one thing, Hormones have helped a lot. As for most people suffering either alopecia or pattern baldness (yes both happen in all genders) it was recommended to start taking Biotin. This is a supplement you can buy almost anywhere and it is not expensive. Biotin can help with hair strength, as well as growth. if after a short period of time you don't see any improvements (with or without biotin) i would suggest talking to a doctor about the issue as it can be something as simple as a hormone imbalance or something more complicated. there are also many prescription medications to help with this but all require a level of blood work or medical history to determine the best options.

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