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Thread: Leakage issues.

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    Default Leakage issues.

    I can't recall if I made this post before, but I have leakage issues, aka incontinence, although it's not too much of a issue, since I'm diapered. I've found that low quality diapers are a lot cheaper than pads, so I've been using them.

    But after I pee, I leak a bit, uncontrollably, coffee and soda makes it worse, usually it's just a small wet patch, but sometimes it is bigger, and is literally noticeable, I've always have had this issue.

    Before I started wearing diapers, I used male incontinence pads to deal with this, I'm just worried this might get worse, is it possible for it to become full blown incontinence, honestly this does become a bit of a pain for me, because when I'm not diapered it get a wet patch after I pee, which is annoying a fudge, I cannot stop it, and it feels like it "slips out".

    I must add, when I drink lots of coffee, or soda, I pee tons, two energy drinks, I'll end up peeing 6-7 times, and that causes the leakage to get worse.

    Oddly enough, no matter how much I shake, I still get leakage, this is kind of embarrassing to talk about but since It's been going on most of my life, just been getting worse over time, It surely can't be anything too bad.

    This urge, becomes so bad, I have to rush to the toilet but i don't have accidents when I drink two cans of pepsi, which is odd. I also wake up multiple times a night to pee.

    I used to be a bed wetter when I was younger, and I'm not sure if this is related, but what I do know is my leakage has been getting worse over time.

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    Sounds like it could be urge incon, which is normally classified by more than 10 times a day and more than once at night if I'm not mistaken. The bladder also can be irritated and make symptoms worse by drinking carbonated drinks, caffeine, or anything acidic, of which the drinks you mention are all of the above.

    I'd talk to a doctor if it is a problem for you (which it sounds like it is), specifically speak with a urologist.

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    Have you ever been seen by a doctor for this? Does your doctor know?

    As PlotTwist said, I think you should talk to a doctor about this. Incontinence can get worst over time but it isn't always that way. A doctor is best to know what is going on for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    Have you ever been seen by a doctor for this? Does your doctor know?

    As PlotTwist said, I think you should talk to a doctor about this. Incontinence can get worst over time but it isn't always that way. A doctor is best to know what is going on for you.
    Not yet, but I feel the leakage is getting worse lately, have been stressed a lot.

    And, while wetting laying down, I've had bladder spasms
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    Hi, DrunkBear. Sorry to hear of the challenges. You can learn a lot by reading some articles at places like WebMD, etc. Just do a search on incontinence. It really is worth the read.

    There are lots of possible explanations, and you probably aren't going to resolve the issues without medical or surgical help if they don't respond to the standard tricks. For women, leakage is more commonly stress incontinence, and the volumes can get larger as the muscles and supporting structures continues to degrade. Kegels can help, but help isn't always the same as cured. For men, leakage after voiding is often related to an enlarged prostate, and commonly referred to as "dribbling." Volumes can be large enough to be noticed, but don't become larger as the underlying pathology (typically BPH) progresses. For both sexes, surgery is often needed. In the case of men, ignoring BPH can do exactly what you are describing: post-void leakage and increasing difficulties with overactive bladder.

    For everybody, overactive bladder can be real problem. Yes, stress really does matter. And what you eat and drink can have powerful effects. Any competent nutritionist or naturopath can tell you that it really pays to get used to drinking WATER when you are thirsty. If you are consuming lots of soda, or more than a couple cups of coffee or tea, you are asking for problems well beyond bladder control. Finally, exercise helps too. It helps counter the effects stress on your body, and makes most aspects of physical and emotional health better. Sometimes you can cover up the effects lifestyle choices with drugs, but why pay for drugs and put up with the side effects when trading soda for water and taking a good stiff walk very day solves the problem?

    One thing to pay attention to is sudden changes. There are more serious issues (diabetic neuropathy, spinal issues, some cancers, multiple sclerosis) that can be behind IC. Rapid changes in these conditions are always worth a visit to your physician.

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