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Thread: Im kinda curious, what makes you feel most like a little during summer?

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    Default Im kinda curious, what makes you feel most like a little during summer?

    So here i am sitting in a goodnites, tight, but not too snug, for girls. Which hugs my thighs, and is encased inside a Tena overnight with ruffly bits and a pink lined tiny t, while chugging on a bottle of coke almost wishing i had the guts to have boughten a pacifier! Must be because im a bit whiney from not having my usual nap today. I already just cant wait to splash water around in some water tomorrow during bathtime because its way too stinkin hot today! Whats your little way to have fun in the summer?

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    The smell of suncream makes me feel little in the summer, I like playing in the water and making sand castles, tents and wearing pretty shorts and dresses make me feel like a little girl as well.

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    Summertime it's self is soooo much fun!! Although I work even in summer (like everybody else unless you are a teacher) I love to go out Lake side and swim a bit, or head back to my place and chill on the terrace where I installed a kids swimming pool and chill. The other day a new play buddy and I went swimming and playing with balls on the water or throwing a freebie, etc. Felt soooo good to play again with someone else your same sex (I'm married and happy 😊 and like another person said in another post "I'm leaving the dream baby" lol)

    Anyways, Summertime is soooo little time!! Maybe you don't realize it but whatever time you spent having fun during Summer is little/baby time.
    (either fishing, hiking swimming, eating ice-cream, movies late at night, enjoy a fireplace,etc)
    Summer time is the best!

    Happy Sumer to everyone around the world

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    I love summer but I also love winter, all those Christmassy things, early dark nights, lights won when you come home, warm sweaters and dresses and cardigans with tights. Warm casaroles, Christmas music and decorations. And not forgetting the warm coats with mittens, hats and scarves!

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    When its warm in summer I just run around in only a diaper, its fun.

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    My favorite thing to do in the summer happens in the morning, I wake up for work at 4:45, I then grab a cup of coffee and sit on my porch in just a diaper (sdk) and white tee shirt. I then walk down by the driveway or in the backyard, when I come back to the house for my second cup I useally had my #2 by then

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    Yes, I know it's cliche, but peeing in my shorts or underpants.
    Just like being a dirty kid, playing outside, whose parents don't want him traipsing dirt or water inside after playing in the mud or with the hose, and being told it's okay to pee in my pants because I'm already wet and/or dirty, and I'll be coming inside for a bath shortly. Or being told it's okay if I've had an accident for the same reason.

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