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Thread: Toilets, potties and pans - do you enjoy toileting in places other than your nappy?

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    Default Toilets, potties and pans - do you enjoy toileting in places other than your nappy?

    I was always fascinated by nappies, but before I got into wearing them in my early teens I enjoyed using toilets and potties and generally doing wees and poos in fun and novel ways. Wearing and using nappies developed from that, soon to become my overall favourite way of relieving myself, with spells of genuine toilet-free 24/7 and regular use at other times. But I still enjoy a change now and then, so I will pull my nappy down and sit on my little plastic potty, or slip a bed-pan under my bottom, or squat in a French motorway Aire.

    What about you? When you're not in a nappy, do you enjoy your toileting? Does it somehow connect with the pleasure of using nappies or is it unrelated? Do you have a favourite way or place to go?

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    I like peeing in my yard at night, but I've tried different ways to pee too - in a cup, an old cooking pan, newspaper on the floor, etc. I have a pee fetish so it doesn't always have to involve diapers.

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    Yes! I have a modified adult plastic pail potty chair for the disabled!
    I sometimes make pee-pee and poo-poo into it.

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    Well, now that i bought pull ups underwear i can use the toilet and if i pee on the floor i can clean or the caregiver does but with my health and a maybe UTI, im peeing very little and onto a bedpad for the night, im that complicated...and that irritated!

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    I love going outside if I can get comfortable and know that I will not be disturbed. I also like peeing in sinks. In college, my single occupancy dorm room had a sink in it and I almost always peed in it instead of walking down the hall to the bathroom (unless I was wearing a diaper).

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    I would love to use a potty if I could fit on one

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    I grew up in a time when some places I went to spend the night did not have indoor plumbing and with it being well below 0f it was common to use a chamberpot for your needs in the bedroom, I developed a pee fetish early on in life and eventually involved diapers when I was around 50 or so. I have always enjoyed peeing where I shouldn't, enjoy wetting my pants my whole life, or peeing in the corner on the floor even when I was old enough to know better. I am now pretty much nighttime incontinence and wear diapers at night for bedwetting.

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    GoodNites has these disposable bed mats that I sometimes use for their intended purpose. Other times I like to just pee directly on them.

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