Any info on theses, reviews anywhere, I got myself a pack of them and want to see what people think about these, I enjoy thick bulky diapers so I'll probably use them more for the bulk than their real intended purpose I like to use multiple diapers at the same time so it will probably be sandwiched between a Goodnites fitted with a Goodnites true-fit pad in them already and a Equate Adult diaper, 90% of the times only the Goodnites is wet in the morning so I'll probably reuse the pads like I use the diaper multiple times until I see a leak in them, then I throw them in the trash of course.

Google doesn't really get any info on them aside from the vendors that sells them like in Canada. I think I already had a few from a fellow AB/DL I've encountered a few years ago. They look thinner, but I guess they will increase thickness once outside of the pack for awhile so I got 3 pads out and let them to expand on my bed.