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Thread: Which Diaper Should I Pick?

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    Default Which Diaper Should I Pick?

    Pull-Ups or Cruisers size 7?

    I was going to go with Pull-Ups, because they're naturally larger, but I heard Cruisers are supposed to be really stretchy.

    Also, the Cruisers will be more absorbent than the Pull-Ups (although, in comparison to adult diapers, the absorbency of each of them will be laughable ).

    Any input, guys? I've got a 29-inch waist and 32-inch hips, if that helps.

    And I realize many people will be tempted to suggest I get adult diapers. When that time comes, I will, but I'm just going to get baby diapers right now, so don't waste your breath.

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    Pull-ups are nice because you canwear them in public easier.
    But cruizers are more babyish

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    Cruizers, all the way. By the way, I hate you for being sooo skinny....I want to be skinny too...

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