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Thread: Poor DrunkBear, has cold sore.

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    Default Poor DrunkBear, has cold sore.

    Poor DrunkBear, has cold sore.

    I hate cold sores :'( there terrible.

    luckily it's in a spot I barely even notice, itchy af though.

    Hopefully it doesn't spread.

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    I have a cold sore as well! Wow, jinx much! Hope it gets better and put some savlon on or something similar to help it heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    Baking soda that cold sore up ASAP
    Nah, it might spread if I do.

    I'm stressed out and my immune system isn't the best when I'm stressed, if i apply anything to it, it has a habit of spreading.

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    A lack of sleep and stress was a major trigger for me. I was infected in grade one when I was 6, another kid in my school room drank from my pop bottle. It has always been an embarrassment to me. But with that being said, I never passed it on to my wife in the 24 years that we were together. Sleep, vitamin C, and Abreva helped but there is no cure.

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    The COld Sore is now goned

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    Victory screech!!! ALULULULULULLULULULULULULULULULULULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! In all seriousness though, that's grand

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    lol I hate cold sores as well, but I get them pretty darn often. Sort of just get used to them.

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    I had my first one in about 5 years yesterday. What a pain.

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