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Thread: You ABDL orientation?

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    Default You ABDL orientation?

    What do you ABDL side orientated?

    A Baby:
    For them who's really be a baby again, using babyish stuffs, sleep in crib, and drink from bottles.

    A Kids:

    For them who's just want to be a kids without babyish things, around age 4-10.

    Love diapers:

    Just have a desire to wear diapers, but not to be a baby or kiddie.

    Because incontinence:
    For them was suffer an incontinence urination problem so must to wear diapers, not to be a baby, kids, nor love the diapers.

    I will appreciate all responds.

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    I'm a kid. I'm very much not a silly slobber machine babypants or grown up cootiehead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    I'm a kid. I'm very much not a silly slobber machine babypants or grown up cootiehead.
    Thank you for the respond.

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    Well I'm not incontinent but I don't fit strictly into either of the three other categories either as I constantly fluctuate.

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    I am a diaper lover but I would like to be a daddy or a baby, depending the role that my partner would take, but it won't be soon as I am single right now :P

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    I'm a diaper lover, who eventually become a little.

    It's a very good stress reliever.
    I'm around the ages of 4, and I love my paci and diapers, no taking them away, I'll snatch them right back >.< hehe

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    None of the above.

    I started out as a DL, got untrained (IC), and am developing a little side.

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    None really fit. I'm not interested in being a baby and I don't regress as many ABs describe it. However, I do like baby things (clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.) as well as a fair range of things for kids. Diapers are neat in and of themselves as but it's more than just that. I don't see a very clear divisionin my own experience between AB and DL. I recognize it can be stark for others but for me, it's most accurate to think of it as one thing: ABDL.

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