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Thread: Anyone else growing a beard?

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    Default Anyone else growing a beard?

    I'm going for a one-two foot length beard, no duck dynasty isn't the inspiration but I've always felt beards look really badass. How about you?

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    I had worked in foodservice from 2007 to 2015, and once I quit, I got really lazy and let my facial hair run its own course for a bit... Then I needed another slightly professional job (entry-level gov't stuff). It got to about an inch and a bit long, but it got to looking really janky. I got a beard trimmer around last Christmas for myself, and I've been keeping it at the ~7-8mm setting. I think it looks fine like that, and my gf is really loving it. I shave the extra bit on the neck (from where the head and neck meet at a 90 degree angle). Keeps it neat, but also not too unprofessional.
    If I could grow it out and not look all scraggly and weird, and the gf liked it, I totally would. I agree with your statement of it looking bad ass xD.

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    I really enjoy having a trimmed mustache with a bit of a facial hair patch on my chin including a strip leading up to my lip. Don't know what to call it. It's fairly short so I wouldn't necessarily consider it a goatee. And I don't let the mustache connect with the beard. Imagine Guy Fawkes with a broad strip rather than pointy and a handful of hair underneath. I've only messed with it slightly, but this is probably what I will keep for quite a long time.

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    I've been trying to for a couple of years, but I want a short goatee in particular, and I can't seem to grow the parts that connect the mustache and beard. -__-

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    I skipped shaving for two days, which for me is the same as growing a beard at this point.

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    I can manage to grow a short scraggley one but my face tends to get really itchy if I let it grow out for too long. So I just grow a soul patch usually.

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    Yes to all of the above.

    I just got into the habit of not taking care of "facial hygiene", and when I did shave it never looked clean shaved. When I shaved regularly every day I always wound up fit a patch here or a patch on one lip side that would get one to two inches long.

    The lady that does my haircuts said I have a not common, but not rare hair condition called something like "multidirectional nap with guard hairs. So I decided to just let it grow. Yes it itches like mad for the first two weeks but then it lessens. If I don't clean it correctly it gets itchy. I also have to trim it about every three days or I get hair in my mouth. It is just as much of a pain now as when I shaved everyday. I have not gotten past the 4 inch mark, because if I can see it I hyper focus on it.

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    I can't grow a beard because it interferes with me feeling little, I dunno if it happens to anyone else too. Besides, if I do let it grow it doesn't grow too long anyway

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    Sometimes I get lazy and have a full beard. Just this morning I trimmed right down to a short goatee. I should go get a haircut too, then ill look real slick. I always keep a bit of beard on me to cover up my double chin lol.

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