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Thread: I need some advice

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    Cool I need some advice

    Hi everyone

    I Looking for some advice. At the moment I am living on my own which is OK, but I don't have any one checking up on me and seeing if i need a change.

    I know that need to do this but sometimes I forget.

    Anyway I have Tena slips supper which I found comfortable and I put plastic pants over the top.

    I think they show but no one really notices, or if they do they do seem to care that much to say anything. I wear a AB onizy over the plastic pants so nuthing plays peekapoo when i bend over.

    Any way this is what i need advice whith.

    There has need time when I have not notice how full my diaper has got and then I get a over flow. And I wet my shorts. This has happed sevel times and once in the cinema.

    Does enyone have advice on what to do about it.

    And also does anybody use catheter instead of diapers if so what is it like?

    I know I just need to check my self more often and I have tryed to potty train myself as well it only kind of works becouse wen my selly body goes it goes.



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    I think the best thing to do in your scenario is to spend some time monitoring how much a single diaper can take. Once you know how much one can take, use that insight to plan if and when you'd need to change into a fresh diaper.

    The other thing I'd suggest is explore more diaper options by ordering some samples. There may be a diaper that works better for you than what you have now.

    I hope this helps.

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    I don't wear disposable diapers but I can speak to the catheter issue. I had to catheterize myself for about six weeks after a very serious back operation and it was no fun. You can get some serious infections if you don't use sterile procedures. It's certainly nothing to fool around with. You should be glad you don't need have to catheterize yourself to pee like I did.

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    set frequent reminders on your phone to check yourselfe

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    I have had to use a catheter in the hospital before, it was NOT enjoyable having it inserted. it was not exactly painful, but the psychological aspect freaked me out pretty heavily.

    It went ok for a few days, but then an air bubble got in, and I ended up wetting the hospital bed.

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