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Thread: In need of a pull up recommendation

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    Hi All,

    I have started working out at the gym to improve my health, and I am needing a recommendation for a good pull up diaper. Any good ones out there? I unfortunately do not fit into kids pull ups or goodnites

    Which pull ups have the longest length of padding? I have noticed that most stop way short of going up the front, and barely cover the butt at all.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I recommend Abena Abri-Flex along with Tranquility Overnight, and Molicare Mobile.

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    I've seen Abriflex and they don't go up very high in the front They are geared toward women in my opinion. Tena for men are terrible. The padding goes up higher, but stops in the middle of the crotch and basically turns in to a thong almost. A brand that I've actually tried was a Rite-Aid unisex overnight pull-on. It came up high, held a decent amount, and even had leak guards, but, the padding falls apart.

    I don't know how heavily of a wetter you are. Are you incontinent, or a DL? If you're a DL, for a short period of time to be wearing something thinner for working out. Especially if you're going to spend less than a couple of hours. Having bulk in the crotch won't be very comfortable.

    If you're incontinent, anything like Depend Trufit would probably be ideal. It's a lot more flexible. The fabric is softer and breathes better. Most other pullups are rather scratchy, stiff and can irritate the skin. If you're a heavy wetter, put an extra pad in it and if it gets full, go to bathroom take it out, and let the pull-on do it's job after.

    If you're a DL with control, you can do the same or just go without. I don't exactly what you will be doing to work out but if you're going to go on the treadmill, it's going to become bothersome to wear anything.

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