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Thread: Dummy Paci sucking

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    Default Dummy Paci sucking

    I'm laying in bed watching YouTube in my short pj's with 3 nappys on and sucking on Mt favorite nuk5 dummy with a powder blue ribbon and clip with bumble bees on it and it's been a happy two hours. I was wondering how long to you suck your dummy for in one go?

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    Sounds like a good time haha

    As for how long I suck my dummy probably maybe about 1-2 hours at a time a couple times a week. Mostly because my jaw starts hurting after a while and I'm afraid of shifting my teeth ;-; I've got both a nuk 3 and 5

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    I can suck a 6-18 month dummy, I have lots so I can choose which dummy I want, I think I will choose my mam nighttime one with a pink robot on it tonight! I have sucked mine all night before and woken up with it in my mouth. Longest is 2-3 hours. Hey they say dummies don't cause as much damage to your teeth as thumbs do because thumbs are harder whilst dummies are squishy.

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    I enjoy sucking and I fall asleep with it.
    What's really nice is when you wack up and it has not fallen out of your mouth, so you can carry on sucking.

    It just so nice sucking away help me think about things and not get upset.

    I don't think there is a time limit on how long you should sock for. That up to you.

    Hee, hee

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    I too love my pacifiers, downside is, after awhile your mouth seems to get numb >.< hehe

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    I can usually last a few hours but if I fall asleep with it, it stays in my mouth all night and for a while when I get up in the morning.

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    My paci sessions tend to be about 30 minutes at most. I tend to cling to them in some of my more emotionally compromised times, and it's evident of their use in those moments that 30 minutes is generally all I need to feel better.

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    I love mine and I take it to work with me in my pocket and depending on how I feel I sneak off to the restroom and suck my paci it's a Mam and it's camo and has a gecko on it and when I am at home I attach my camo paci clip at beddy time

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    That's brave taking it to work. I did it once and thought I was the only one in the building but when walking down the stairs I came face to face with someone so I dropped it out of my mouth, caught it and put it in my pocket. She never did say anything so hopefully I got away with it.

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